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11 Easy Things That’ll Make You Happier

1 |Easy Things That'll Make -You- Наpier 1. Get more sleep. Even a short nap will make a difference. 2. Make a "happy" playlist 3. Be passionately in the moment. Enjoy the people you're with and the moment you're living. We often take people and situations for granted, so just be there, be present and grateful. 4. Go outside! If you spend many hours at home or the office, take breaks, go for a walk, get some sun and fresh gir. 5. Make something. Even if you're not a skilled DIYer, try to make something with your hands. If you need ideas just go on Pinterest and find a simple project. Wnatif. 6. Don't panic about the future. Creating conversations and scenarios of things that might go wrong will do you no good, those things might never happen, so why worry?! 00 7. Do something for someone else. Is there a friend or stranger asking fro help? Why not doing something for them, even if it's just a call to ask how they're doing. 8. Spend time with a pet. If you don't have a pet, maybe your friend does, visit him/her more often and play with the pets! 9. Become a flower person. Fresh flowers will always brighten your day, but buying them every couple of days might not be in your budget, so just get a succulent. Having a plant on your desk will make a drastic change! 10. Smile. Even if you don't feel it, do it! in this case faking it will definitely work. 11. Stretch. If you don't want to stand up in the middle of the office and do a whole workout routine (cause, why would you?) just get up, stretch, smile and say hi to your coworkers. SHUTTLEWIZARD.COM

11 Easy Things That’ll Make You Happier

shared by SWcom on Jul 27
List of things that are easy to do that can make anyone's day happier


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