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10 Ways To Avoid Shopping On Impulse

WAYS TO AVOID 10 SHOPPING IMPULSE ON Ever get that sudden urge to buy something the moment you see it? You're not alone – impulse buying is extremely common. You can make smarter decisions next time you hit the shops by understanding what motivates this impulse and having a few techniques to fight it. ARE YOU AN IMPULSE BUYER? There are certain warning signs that indicate you may be an impulse shopper, according to Dr. lan Zimmerman, an experimental psychologist: Do you often purchase Does being able to buy something without thinking something in the moment make about why you need it? you more likely to purchase it? Do you get an urge to Does touching an item buy something a friend already owns? make you want to buy it? Do you get comfort from shopping? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're likely to benefit from some techniques to help fight those shopping urges. HOW TO BEAT IMPULSE SHOPPING URGES (ACCORDING TO SCIENCE) Defeating the impulse to buy takes a combination of self-control, pro-active techniques, and understanding the tricks that sellers use to get you spending more. AVOID PAYING BY 1 CREDIT CARD Using cash makes the cost of a purchase feel more real, creating a "pain" rather than a "pleasure" response in your brain.2 ТОP TIP Leave your cards at home and take only the cash that you have budgeted when shopping. PLAN BEFORE YOU SHOP 2 One study showed that we often make impulse buys in order to cut the stress of thinking through difficult choices.3 ТОР TIP When buying on the internet, use a price comparison site such as megashopbot“ before visiting online shops. FORCE YOURSELF 3 TO WAIT Neuroscientists have found that the buzz your 10 brain gets from shopping can blind you to the true necessity of an item. This effect diminishes if you delay your purchase. 8 ТОP TIP Set yourself a ten-minute rule. It's the amount of time you must wait between choosing to buy something and actually paying for it.? DON'T DO ONLINE SHOPPING 4 ON YOUR PHONE OR TABLET Actually touching a product can make you feel like you already own it. This increases the chance that you'll buy it.5 ТОР TIP BUY Use your desktop or laptop computer when shopping online. PICTURE YOURSELF WITHOUT THIS PURCHASE One study showed that impulsive people tend not to use the part of their brain that pictures the future when they make a decision.6 ТОP TIP Before you buy, close your eyes and imagine your life in one week without that purchase – is it really so bad? EEE MAKE A LIST AND STICK TO IT 6 Set yourself specific goals before shopping – people who shop for groceries with a list spend 30% less than those without.7 ТОР TIP If you're attracted to something that's not on the list, put it on a new list and wait a bit. Buy it next time you shop if it still seems worthwhile. CHOOSE A SMALL 7 TROLLEY Customers bought 19% more shopping when carts were doubled in size. ТОP TIP Judge how much shopping you will need before picking a trolley. EAT A HIGH-CARB, HIGH- PROTEIN 8 MEAL BEFORE YOU SHOP The tryptophan and carbohydrates in turkey and potatoes have been shown to cut impulse buying, according to a University of Utah study. ТОР TIP Treat yourself to a protein shake before you shop – they also contain serotonin, which helps to reduce impulse buys. SWITCH OFF ONE-CLICK SHOPPING You are more likely to turn back from paying for an item if you have to manually enter your credit ... card details, according to John Wells from the PAYMENT MЕТНOD Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.10 ТОР TIP DELETE Never save your credit card details online. If you already have it saved, go in and delete the information. BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU 10 ALREADY HAVE! Grateful feelings can enhance self-control by reducing the desire for immediate gratification, as reported by the Association of Psychological Science." ТОР TIP Take time to sort out the items you love from the items you no longer care about. Remind yourself why you love those items, and sell or donate the rest. SHOPPING AND HAVING NICE THINGS CAN BE FUN, AS LONG AS YOU'RE IN CONTROL. Knowing your consumerist habits means you are less likely to find yourself caught in a downward spiral. SOURCES: 1 Zimmerman, I. (2012). What motivates impulse buying? 2 McGonigal, K. (2011). 3 Brain Hacks to Avoid Impulse Purchases You'll Later Regret. 3 Hausman, A. (2000). A multi-method investigation of consumer motivations in impulse buying behavior. 4 MoneySavingExpert's 5 Brasel, S. (2014). Tablets, touchscreens, and touchpads: How varying touch interfaces trigger psychological ownership and endowment. 6 Jimura, K. (2013). Impulsivity and Self-Control during Intertemporal Decision Making Linked to the Neural Dynamics of Reward Value Representation. 7 Palmer, R. (2014). How to beat marketers' Jedi mind tricks. 8 Pope, C. (2015). Big trolley and long aisles. 9 University of Utah (2009). Pig out more at Thanksgiving and you may shop less. 10 Woolhouse, M. (2013). Tablets facilitate impulse shopping for many. 11 DeSteno, D. (2014). Gratitude: A Tool for Reducing Economic Impatience. BY SA POUNDPL ACE This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike Start Saving Today 4.0 International License -

10 Ways To Avoid Shopping On Impulse

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Impulse buying can be costly and guilt-inducing. Get it under control, and your next trip to the shops needn’t result in a trolley full of regret! Our new infographic provides a full guide to figur...


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