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10 Types of Store Owners

10 TYPES OF STORE OWNERS ECOMMERCE 1. STORE OWNER AmeriCommerce Opens store: 24 Hours Closes store: Never Likes: Gadgets, Movies, Helvetica Dislikes: Bad SEO, Poor connection Most likely to say: Anything via Email Current status: Wired, Focused Most likely to sell: Anything 25 FASHION STORE OWNER Opens store: 9am Closes store: 5pm Likes: Fashion, Money, Jewelry Dislikes: Sales, Non Designers, Untidiness Most likely to say: You look fabulous! Current status: Complimentary, Hungry Most likely to sell: Therapy 3. SUPERMARKET OWNER Opens store: 8am Closes store: 11pm Likes: Great Service, Smiles, Helping Dislikes: Rudeness, Waste, Mess Most likely to say: May I help? Current status: Tired, Overworked Most likely to sell: Fuel for Life 45 HIPPY STORE OWNER Opens store: Before Noon Closes store: Whenever Man Likes: Peace, Love, Flowers Dislikes: War, Hate, Pollution Most likely to say: Right on, Groovy Current status: Happy, Free Most likely to sell: Happiness 5" MUSIC STORE OWNER Opens store: 9am Closes store: 6pm Likes: Music, Vinyl, Spinning Dislikes: Silence, Tinnitus, Pop Music Most likely to say: Have you heard this? Current status: Chilled, Funky Most likely to sell: Soundtrack of life 6. COFFEE SHOP OWNER Opens store: 6am Closes store: 8pm Likes: Espresso, Spotify, Fair Trade Dislikes: Stains, Bad attitudes, Spare change Most likely to say: Regular or Large? Current status: Wired, Energetic Most likely to sell: Atmosphere 1. NAN'S TEA SHOP Opens store: 9am Closes store: 6pm Likes: Baking, Cooking, Cakes Dislikes: Mess, Grey, Poor Service Most likely to say: More tea? Current status: Bright, Busy Most likely to sell: Tradition 8 LEMONADE STAND Opens store: After School Closes store: Before Dinner Likes: Ponies, Drawing, Playing Dislikes: Boys, School, Spiders Most likely to say: Are you sure, just one cup? Current status: Happy, Optimistic Most likely to sell: Promise of the future Lemonade 5c peR Cup DE WITH O SPORTS STORE OWNER INSANE INSANE SPORTS Opens store: 9am Closes store: 6pm Likes: Sports, Dieting, Training Dislikes: Carbs, Laziness, Blisters Most likely to say: Do you bench? Current status: Active, Fit, Healthy Most likely to sell: Enthusiasm 10. PHARMACY OWNER Opens store: 8am Closes store: 6pm Likes: Health, Antibacterial Gel, Cleanliness Dislikes: Infections, Illness, Germs Most likely to say: What's wrong with you? Current status: Healthy, Informative Most likely to sell: Wellness MADE A AmeriCommerce Pro-grade tools to manage one or multiple online stores Designed by N TEXAS O wyzowl What kind of store owner are you? Tell us at; E0:

10 Types of Store Owners

shared by Wyzowl on Mar 20
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The great thing about selling stuff' is that 'stuff' can mean basically anything! This means you get all kinds of weird and wonderful store owners, each with their own likes, dislikes and unique style...






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