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10 Things To Keep In Mind About Life

TOP 10 THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND about Life LEARN TO BE ALONE Too many times we hang on to relationships and let people walk all over us because we are afraid to be alone. Once you are comfortable to be with just yourself, you can objectively evaluate your relationships. BE A PURPLE COW,STAND OUT 2 It does not pay to be just mediocre in something. To stand out among the crowd and be recognised, you need to be better,dedicated and different. As Ĺ eth Godin puts it..everyone notices a purple cow. 3. 3 HAPPINESS = REALITY - EXPECTATION Remember that being aware of the equation of happiness gives you enormous power. Firstly, always keep on improving your reality. Because of a lag between the results of your effort and the actual effort time, manage your expectations to remain happy. BE POSITIVE<4 Terrible times will be there for all of us. However, no matter how terrible it is, they will pass. Remain positive and do not despair. It is the only way to weather out those bad times. KEEP TRYING AND DO NOT BE AFRAID TO FAIL 5. Successes are over hyped by our society and no one teaches us the mega benefits of failure. Successes can be accidental and may not teach us anything but failures always teach us what not to do wrong. 6> YOUR PARTNER IS NOT YOU The most common mistake in your marriage or relationship is making the mistake that you and your partner are identical in though process and actions. Realise your partner is end of the day a stranger with hardly any biological similarity to you. Understanding and accepting these differences will make the relationship work. HOWEVER, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IS RARE Apart from your parents and siblings, it is hard to expect unconditional love from anyone. Most people are together because of a good cost-benefit balance. Recognise this and you will not be disappointed. 8 CUT THE NOISE, LOOK INSIDE The world is full of noise and you are surrounded by people who hardly have any idea of what they are doing themselves. Do not let these people dictate what your life should ideally be like. Look inside yourself once in a while, you will find what works for you best. TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY BUT DO NOT BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF \9 Sometimes you will succeed , sometimes will you fail. Take full responsibility of what has happened and why it has happened. It is the only way to improve but do not be too hard on yourself. 10 FINALLY, BE NICE TO PEOPLE BUT DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING IN RETURN End of the day everyone is having a hard time living their own lives. Be nice to all of them but manage your dissapointment by not expecting anything in return. Written by: Arpan Roy

10 Things To Keep In Mind About Life

shared by RoyArpan on Apr 18
10 Things To Keep In Mind As You Navigate Life. Some Personal Thoughts As I Reach My 30s.


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