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10 Ten Minute Holiday Crafts

Jen JO-MINUTE, Helidaj Crafts Cranberry Swizzle e Sticks: Matchbox Gift wooden Boxes: Pierce cranberries with a skewer. Fill the entire skewer with the berries and drop them into your holiday cocktails for a bit of holiday color. Glue decorative craft paper to the outside of large matchbox. Tie thin ribbon or yarn into a bow. Use as gift boxes for jewelry, cash and even gift cards. Recycled Gift Tags Connies Repurpose the pretty fronts of last year's holiday greeting cards by cutting them into this year's gift tags. Make sure there is no writing on the back of the cover, and then cut out Twig Place Card Holders: part of the picture with scrapbooking scissors or pinking shears. Write the recipient's name on the back. Use a hole punch in the corner, and then Clip some of the smaller branches from your live Christmas tree and cut into 2-inch lengths. Glue two string a ribbon through the hole and attach it to a gift bag or package. lengths of twig together. Nestle your place card between them with a tiny sprig of pine. Reindeer Poop: Fill a cellophane bag with chocolate malt balls or chocolate covered raisins. Print labels that say "Reindeer Poop" and use them to seal the bag. For variation, add a single red gumball and label them Reinder Polka Dot Ornaments: "Reindeer Noses." Use acrylic paint to add polka dots to plain, smooth ornaments. Place the ornament in an egg carton to hold it steady while you work. Use paint in the same color as the ornament or in a contrasting color, and make the dots as small or large as you like. For sparkle, finish by sprinkling glitter in the same color as the dots on the still-wet paint. When dry, top it Candy Cane Candlestick Holder: with a ribbon bow. Use a glue gun on the lowest setting unwrapped, standard size candy canes to a 10-inch white or red Peppermint Dipped Oreos: to attach three taper candle. Place the candy Dip an Oreo halfway melted canes with the hook at the into white bottom (to create a base), spacing them evenly apart. Make sure the OREO chocolate then crushed up candy canes. Cool candle will sit about an inch above wax paper, then place several in a clear cellophane bag and tie on the base. Finish with a bow made of red or white ribbon. it with a ribbon. Photo Ornaments: Gift Card Snow Globe Pull the top off a clear ornament, then pour To give a gift card in a creative way, glue one edge of it to the inside of a jar lid (a Mason jar or a mayonnaise jar would have enough lid). Fill the jar with glitter or fake snow inside and add a twig of faux berries. Roll up a family photo and drop it in. The photo will unroll as you large unbreakable ornaments, replace the ornament glitter and water. Screw the topper. Finish with lid on tight, and shake it up! a bow. Brought to you by, shortcut:® Copyright 2011, Inc. All rights reserved

10 Ten Minute Holiday Crafts

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If you're looking for some fun and creative ways to decorate this holiday season, wrap gifts, or host a party, this infographic provides some snazzy and quick ideas to bring in the holiday spirit. Fro...



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