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10 Reasons To Consider Purchasing A Park Home

10 REASONS TO CONSIDER PURCHASING A PARK HOME More than 250,000 Brits currently live in a residential park home. Residential park homes can provide modern, comfortable accommodation alongside a sense of real community; all at a fraction of the price of a traditional home. For some, they make a great retirement property. For others, they're the perfect solution to staying on the property ladder or down-sizing. Here's 10 reasons to consider a park home lifestyle: 1. THEY'RE MORE AFFORDABLE THAN A TRADITIONAL HOME Residential park homes offer great value for money, with costs significantly lower than purchasing an equivalently sized house. For a lower price, owners can expect a luxurious property set in some of the most picturesque locations in the UK. For those downsizing, perhaps for retirement, a park home can be a great way to release sizeable amounts of equity from a previous property. 2. THEY OFFER A GREAT QUALITY OF LIFE Independence and leisure are both of paramount importance to park residents and, for that reason, park home living offers a great quality of life. For those who love spacious surroundings and the thought of life in a picturesque location, park home living could be perfect. To many, they offer the ability to enjoy a superior quality life at a lower cost than if in a traditional home. 3. YOU'LL FEEL PART OF A GENUINE COMMUNITY For most, the world has lost its community spirit and 'neighbourhoods' are a thing of the past. Not for park home owners! For those who love a sense of being part of a community, park home living is perfect. Thanks in part to the average age being slightly older than your everyday street as well as minimum age requirements at many parks, the spirit of years-gone-by is well and truly alive and kicking! HELLO! HI! 4. PARKS ARE SAFE & SECURE !!!!! 主 主 Park homes offer an increased level of safety and security compared to city or suburb living, being out of the way and being largely uninhabited by anyone other than residents. Those in the community go out of their way to ensure parks are as safe and secure as possible, offering many the peace of mind that they need, especially in senior years. Neighbours always look out for each other and everyone knows everyone else; something which, in itself, goes a long way to ensuring a safer park. 5. THEY'RE LOW MAINTENANCE Unlike traditional properties, park homes generally require very little maintenance to be carried out. Designed specifically to be low maintenance, the careful choice of modern materials, intelligent construction and a single storey layout, expensive repairs are unlikely. O This is a key advantage for older individuals who don't want the hassle of regular home maintenance. 6. THEY'RE ENERGY EFFICIENT Residential park homes are constructed to be as energy efficient as possible and low monthly bills are just one of the attractions for many. To put it simply; purchasing a brand new park home offers a warm, comfortable and welcoming environment without the increasingly high bills experienced by those living in traditional properties. > Always consider the energy efficiency when purchasing a pre-owned park home. 7. YOU'LL PAY THE MINIMUM COUNCIL TAX The great news is that park homes are almost always classified as the lowest council tax band, 'Band A' meaning lower costs. For those on a fixed income (such as a pension) this means monthly outgoings are kept to a minimum and less of a financial burden. 8. THEY OFFER PLENTY OF SPACE Both indoors and outdoors, a park home offers plenty of space when compared to its traditional home counterpart. Unlike the cramped scene of terraced streets, residential parks offer a sizeable piece of land between each home as well as a small and manageable garden. That's not to mention the spacious surroundings of the park itself, most of which span many acres of scenic greenery. 9. THEY'RE GREAT FOR VISITING FAMILY& FRIENDS When it comes to having friends and family to stay, very little beats what a park home has to offer. O Guests are welcome to stay with residents, with each park having it's own specific guidelines on allowing visitors on site. O From the spacious surroundings to the community spirit, it's these things which your guests will love. 10. THEY PROMOTE INDEPENDENCE O Despite being part of a great community, residential park homes help to promote independence. With other residents nearby if needed, a single storey layout and generally flat surroundings, a park home is the perfect place for a couple to retire to without needing to worry about some of the difficulties faced in a traditional home. Residential park homes are perfect for individuals, couples and families alike and offer a real opportunity to live affordably in a community which can be compared to that of a 1950's village! Sell my Park Home Brought to you by Sources:

10 Reasons To Consider Purchasing A Park Home

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More than 250,000 Brits currently live in a residential park home. Residential park homes can provide modern, comfortable accommodation alongside a sense of real community; all at a fraction of the p...


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