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10 Purchases That Might Indicate A Midlife Crisis

10 PURCHASES THAT MAY INDICATE A MIDLIFE CRISIS During a midlife crisis, many are searching for answers, changes and adventures. Often this means impulsive behavior, large purchases and change for the sake of change. Here are some things to look for: -WHEN AND WHYITOCCURS 46 A NEED TO BREED Midlife crises generally begin sometime between ages 40 and 60, the average age being 46. They last about three to 10 years in men and two to five years in Studies suggest that a woman facing or going through menopause can psychologically impact her spouse, which may lead to his attraction to younger, fertile women. SPARKED BY STRESS A midlife crisis may be brought on by stress due to an affair, parental death, (lack of) children, debt and more. women. WESTERN PROBLEM Some consider midlife crises to be a Western phenomena, which could be triggered by the culture's obses- sion with youth. RIP PHYSICAL CHANGES Whether brought on by aging, a poor diet or lack of exercise, one's physical changes may become a constant frustration and re- minder of one's age. DOUBT AND BOREDOM After years of being committed to the JOB SATISFACTION same person, some question their mar- riage, become bored with the relationship and wonder if they're missing out on other new and exciting experiences. One's career can greatly contrib- ute to stress and doubt, espe- cially if unemployment, under- employment, debt or the feeling of not accomplishing a professional goal is a factor. HOW SOME COPE 1 EXOTIC TRAVELS EXTREME EXPERIENCES The annual trip to Florida sud- denly turns into a two-week stay in Bora Bora. Those looking for adven- ture will look to extreme sports like bungee jumping, sky diving or hang gliding so they can get their heart pumping. 3 FITNESS AND HEALTH Those looking for a more youthful physique may turn to exercise equipment, designer diets and health supplements so they can get back to the size and shape they were when they were HAIR CHANGES Hair tonics, dye, plugs, even a bad combover can be younger. NES a sign that he's unhappy with his appearance and trying to. -look younger. 5 GADGETS CLOTHING They buy the newest cell phone or other electronic gadget because it's cool; even if they're not quite sure how to use them. Some may drastically change their wardrobe by purchasing younger-looking designer clothing and accessories like glasses, jewelry and watches, so they feel like they can fit in with a hip crowd. EXTREMES Tattoos and piercings are signs that a per- son's looking for sig- nificant physical changes. 10 ALCOHOL THE CLASSIC SPORTS CAR PLASTIC SURGERY The quintessential midlife crisis purchase is, of course, a sports car, thanks to its ability to make someone feel young, excited and sexy. Every year more and more people, yes, even men, go under the knife in an attempt to look more youthful. Watch out for increased alcohol consumption. It's usually a telltale sign that the crisis is becoming overwhelming. Information provided by: OCREDITSCORE Sources: | |

10 Purchases That Might Indicate A Midlife Crisis

shared by IGEmp on Dec 06
This infographic explains what a midlife crisis is and analyzes why it may occur. It provides a top ten break down of things that people commonly purchase during a midlife crisis such as, clothing, pl...


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