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10 Parenting Hacks That Will Make You Parent of the Year

10 PAREDTING HACKS THAT WILL MAKE YOU PARENT OF THE VEAR Use a lint roller to clean up after craft time Glitter stands no chance! Use mayonnaise to remove crayon from walls It sounds gross, yes, but mayo will allow you to wipe crayon away with almost no effort. Use fabric paint to add grips to your toddler's socks Prevent slipping and sliding one dab of paint at a time. Use an inflatable pool as a safe play area Give your child plenty of space to play in an injury-resistant environment. Use an old spray bottle to create "monster repellent" Your kids can sleep worryfree knowing their rooms are free of scary monsters! Use a cupcake wrapper on ice pops Prevent sticky hands and the mess from melting frozen treats. 7 Use a rubber band to keep doors unlocked Keep your children from being locked in or out of rooms. IF Lost PLEASE CALL: 555-1234 Use a sticker with your phone number on it on a family day out If your child gets lost, contact information is crucial. Use toothpaste to remove permanent marker from wWood Hardwood floors and wooden furniture can be restored to their former beauty, at least for now. 10 Use crayon to fix scuffs and scratches on shoes Find a matching color and filli in with your coloring skills. Sources: Pläygrour Equipment Big on Play Low on Pri -)

10 Parenting Hacks That Will Make You Parent of the Year

shared by Michaelson on Nov 08
Parenting isn't easy. The good news is there are parenting hacks. While these parenting hacks wont make parenting easy, they will at least make it a lot more fun and maybe a little less stressful!


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