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10 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

MOST EXPENSIVE U Celebrity engagement rings $2.5 MILLION $1 $47 MILLION MILLION $3.5 MILLION $2 MILLION $0.5 $3 MILLION $5 MILLION MILLION Who has the most EXPENSIVE RING? $1.5 MILLION $4 MILLION ANGELINA JOLIE'S ENGAGEMENT RING IS EQUIVALENT TO: $500,000 12.5 ADOPTED BABIES Shape Emerald 7 Carat Brad Pitt gave her a Robert Procop ring with a 7 ct. emerald cut white diamond with the band guettes. Made according to Brad's exact design specifications, it is estimated. BRILLIANCE.COM PRICE - $390,000 ribbed with an additional 9 ct. emerald ba- గ్జిర్జిర్రిరిరిరరి - AVERAGE PRICE OF ENGAGEMENT RING 53,000 For $1,000,000 you can buy 333 Auerage Rings 81 KATIE HOLMES'S ENGAGEMENT RING IS EQUIVALENT TO: $1,500,000 3,750 BOTOX TREATMENTS Shape Oval 5Carat In 2007, actress Katie Holmes got what most girls all over the world only dream of: a marriage pro- posal on top of the Eiffel Tower by Tom Cruise with a 5 ct., oval-cut diamond set on a split shank plati- num and pink gold band. Not only that, they got married in a castle! HEIDI KLUM'S ENGAGEMENT RING IS EQUIVALENT TO: 81 2,500 BRILLIANCE.COM PRICE - $1,000,000 $1,500,000 COACH HANDBAGS Heidi Klum Shape Cushion 10 Carat In 2004, Seal offered supermodel Heidi Klum a 10 ct. canary yellow diamond set in yellow gold from Lorraine Schwartz. Contrary to popular news reports, the proposal took place in a quinzee. BRILLIANCE.COM PRICE - $1,100,000 CATHERINE Z JONES'S ENGAGEMENT RING IS EQUIVALENT TO: $2,000,000 10,000 DAYS AT THE SALON Shape Marquise 10 Carat In Loue, Age Does Not Matter. With this mantra, vet- eran actor, and cancer-suruiuor, Michael Douglas was able to wo0 fellow actress Catherine Zeta Jones, a beauty 25 years younger. ,KIM KARDASHIAN'S ENGAGEMENT RING IS BRILLIANCE.COM PRICE - $1,650,000 EQUIVALENT TO: $2,000,000 40 Kim Kardashian Shape Emerald CRUISES AROUND THE WORLD 10 Carat A Diamond is Forever. But given the current rate of inflation and the dismal state of the economy, a dia- mond only buys 72 days of mar- riage. For Kim Kardashian at least. MARIAH CAREY'S ENGAGEMENT RING IS EQUIVALENT TO: BRILLIANCE.COM PRICE - $1.600.000 $2.000,000 50,000 MANICURE AND PEDICURE Shape Emerald 17 Carat Everybody knouws who Mariah Carey is, but who the hell is Nick Cannon? Apparently he was such a "baller" that he was able to propose with a 17 ct. square emerald-cut pink center diamond. BRILLIANCE.COM PRICE - $1,750,000 AVERAGE PRICE FOR BRAND NEW CADILLAC ESCALADE $72,000 For $2,500,000 you can buy 34.72 Cadillac Escalades MELANIA 1 KNAUSS 'S ENGAGEMENT RING IS EQUIVALENT TO: 120 $3.000,000 COLLEGE TUITIONS Shape Emerald 15 Carat It's not really surprising at alL to find The Donald on this list. For his third engagement, he gave Slovenian model Melania Knauss a 15 ct. emerald-cut, flawless D center diamond on a platinum band. BRILLIANCE.COM PRICE - $2,400,000 JLO'S NATIONAL AVERAGE Jennifer Lopez HOME VALUE S$180,000 ENGAGEMENT RING IS EQUIVALENT TO: For $3,500,000 you can buy 19.4 a single family home の 160 $4,000,000 REMODELED KITCHENS Shape Radiant 8.4 Carat Here's a girl that has worn some massive bling, twice! Marc An- thony got J.Lo a 8.5 ct. blue diamond engagement ring exceeding Ben Aflame's for around a million more. 81 PARIS HILTON'S ENGAGEMENT RING IS EQUIVALENT TO: BRILLIANCE.COM PRICE - $3,600,000 11.75 $4,700,000 Shape Emerald PRESIDENT OBAMA'S Paris Hilton ANNUAL SALARY 24 Carat To symbolize their love, Paris got Paris a 24 ct. emerald-cut canary center diamond flanked by two trillion dia- monds. Estimated at 4.7 million, the poor girl had to exchange it for a smaller version from Cartier, saying that it hurt her finger. BRILLIANCE.COM PRICE - $4,300,000 $5,000,000 Shape Emerald 18 Carat BEYONCE'S For a woman such as Beyonce, 5 million dollars is just the minimum bid. But putting a ring on it isn't a prob- Lem for equally successful rapper/producer Jayz. Again from Lorraine Schwartz, it features an 18 ct. emerald-cut flawless D diamond in a solitaire platinum BRILLIANCE.COM PRICE - $4500,000 5,000 PAIRS CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN SHOES BRilliANCE-- THERE YOU HAVE IT! Toll Free: 866.737.0754 1O MOST EXPENSIVE Email: [email protected] Celebrity engagement rings *Angelina Jolie Katie Holmes Catherine Z. Jones Mariah Carey Melania Knauss Beyonce

10 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

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Diamonds can be expensive and most of us work within a budget to buy our loved ones a reasonably priced piece of jewelry, but for these guys, sometimes the biggest diamonds aren't enough.


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