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10 Most Common Places to Get a Tattoo

WHERE IS She Best Place Get a Sattoo? A tattoo is a very permanent statement and so, it is important to make the right choice when it comes to deciding where it goes on your body. Make the decision easier – find out the most common places on the body where people are getting tattooed and importantly, discover the pros and cons of getting tattoos on certain areas of your body. The 10 Most Common Places to Get a Tattoo No.10 Neck No.8 Chest No.9 Breast No.5 Armband No.7 Arm No.6 Back No.2 Wrist No.1 Lowerback No.3 Foot, No.4 Ankle Inner Wrist Low on the pain scale A good place for smaller symbol tattoos or words Can be hidden easily Inner Arm There is a little cushion here so it won't hurt as much as other places Hard to hide unless you wear long sleeves Upper Shoulder XI- IV LXXXXVI A painful place because it is an area with a little more bone than other places If you are wanting to get a script tattoo, the upper shoulder is a great choice Difficult to care for because of its placement. Upper back /lower neck Al that we see or sem Cat a dream dream withen a A great, big space for larger tattoos or longer scripts Difficult to care for without some assistance Chest Ideal spot for large and bold tattoos A great location if you need to hide a tattoo (especially for men seeing they are less inclined to wear low cut tops). Because the bones in your chest are close to your heart, the pain is likely to be a little more excruciating than tattoos you'll get in other places. Spine This area is all bone and can be a sensitive area This position is incredibly eye-catching Victoria Beckham's tattoo is a perfect example of this type of tattoo Side Torso These types of tattoos have risen in popularity, especially amongst females Scroll, as well as symbols are a good choice for this area Finger Small symbols or text works best here There isn't much fat that surrounds the finger so pain is a factor The position that looks best would have to be where you would wear a ring Behind the Ear Smaller tattoos work best here Many celebrities love tattoos behind the ear, including Rihanna and Hayley Williams. High on the pain scale since there is very little fat here Hip Area The lower and more inward the tattoo placement on the hip area, the higher the level of pain might be Men typically get theirs a little higher than women, landing a few inches away from the bottom of their rib cage. Foot This is a sensitive area and may not be the best option for a first tattoo Tattoos on or around the ankle and foot tend to fade the quickest 6 Things You May Not Have Known about Tattoos The first tattoo machine was invented in the late 1800's by Samuel O'Reilly and was based on an engraving machine by Thomas Edison. It was illegal to get a tattoo in New York City between 1961 and 1997 as a result of a government reaction to Hepatitis B outbreaks. NEW YORK When getting a tattoo, the tattoo machine will puncture your skin anywhere from 50-3,000 times per minute! In 2013, New York real estate company Rapid Realty made an offer to their employees to get a company logo tattooed on their body, and receive a 15 percent pay raise. Prison tattoo artists use materials such as CD player motors, springs, pens and soot to create tools and inks for tattooing fellow inmates. In 1999, toy maker Mattel introduced the Butterfly Art Barbie which came with a butterfly tattoo on her stomach, along with temporary tattoos. It was taken off the market after numerous complaints were received from parents. References: HOLLYWOOD TRADE LTD. -know-about-tattoos

10 Most Common Places to Get a Tattoo

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Choosing the right place on your body to position a tattoo can be just as important as picking the right design. The place you choose can add to or take away from your tattoo design.


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