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The Importance of Organic Cotton

A LITTLE COTTON GOES A LONG WAY The Importance of Organic Cotton | WHY ORGANIC COTTON? Every organic cotton product represents a step in the right di- rection. Cotton is used in 40% of worldwide textile production, giving it a widespread, global reach. By choosing organic cotton, you're doing your part to ensure that that global impact is a beneficial one. Why is organic cotton different? NO GMO SEEDS NO PESTICIDES OR INSECTICIDES ECO-FRIENDLY ETHICAL WORKING CONDITIONS QUALITY AND PURITY Let's take a look at how organic cotton makes a positive influence at every level of the supply chain: from Farm to Factory to You. On the Farm Clean, organic cotton starts from the ground up! Organic cotton is grown using natural, non-GMO seeds. WHAT ARE GMOS? Genetically Modified Organisms are plants altered with foreign DNA to make them resistant to pesticides and insecticides. 91% of conventional cotton Pesticide poisonings annually cause 20,000 deaths in devel- oping countries, according to the World Health Organization uses GMO seeds Opens the door for heavy pesticide use Chemical run-off pollutes soil and contaminates water supplies ORGANIC GROWING METHODS: Rotate crops to eliminate pesticide and chemical use Mean safer working conditions in the field Promote biodiversity and replenish soil for a healthy environment Maintain a clean water supply to protect farming villages Farmers earn higher pay by avoiding chemical costs Giving cotton a clean start ensures a level of purity and quality at every step along the way. In the Factory The next leg of the journey takes cotton to a textile mill where it is manufactured into cloth. Factories must meet the same quality standards as organic farms. GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD (GOTS) CERTIFICATION ENSURES: Safe and clean Products are handcrafted factory conditions Absolutely no child labor by adults who work by choice 24 Regular working hours- No 14-hour days, No 7-day work weeks! Dignified jobs enable workers to provide for their families Workers receive fair pay Fair Trade funds are invested into educational and social projects to improve quality of life in developing countries. That's a tangible impact that's changing our world for the better. In Your Home After its long journey, organic cotton finds its home in your home. Whether you choose organic cotton clothing or bedding, you'll feel the quality in every fiber. Organic cotton fabrics are better for your skin: > According to the CDC, exposure to chemical residue in non-organic fabrics may cause skin irritation and dermatitis High-quality cotton means a long, durable lifespan More and more clothing manufacturers are making the switch to organic fabrics to offer you the latest trends Sleep on a little slice of heaven with soft, luxurious organic cotton sheets THE GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD How do you ensure you're getting only the best organic cotton? Look for the GOTS logo! ORGANIC GOTS-certified means Certification requires strict quality standards at every level of the supply chain Non-GOTS organics do not meet the same level of criteria 95-100% all-natural, organic cotton fibers Every time you experience the superior softness of organic cotton, you're also choosing to support a healthy and green environment, safer working conditions and a brighter future for the whole planet. SOURCES BOLL & BRANCH" GLOBAL TEXTILE ANDARD

The Importance of Organic Cotton

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Organic cotton has a global impact. You can help the environment and the life of factory workers by choosing bedding and clothing made from organic cotton over regular cotton.


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