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Zombie Guide

Zombie Guide Do you have what it takes to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse? Humans have achieved a very high understanding in almost everything, things that we tought were not possible become possible such as the atomic bomb, biological weapons, cloning animals and gossip girl acapulco... We are not so far from some disaster happens like a nuclear war, natural disaster or zombie apocalypse, if it comes to pass, this guide and a little intelligence will keep your grey matter away from the brain-eaters. Survival Tips ANYTHING is a weapon Some Fellas Stay Away Heavy Transport and Gas An iPod or a cellphone! Guns could work too, but mele woapons doesn't need roloading- You nover know when you'll nood somo good joke! You can get infocted vory easily try to avoid the infected dudes. The bigger the better! And don't forget to always carry gas. What if you want to see the latest video of "Jorgittomen" ? Weapon Efficiency Pros Pros - Handgun Assault Rifles Very Useful to take down Hordes Of brain-eaters. 90% Accurate Shoots very fast! Easy to carry around with HandGuns 85% Cons Low Capacity Low Accuracy Heavy to carry it, but you're a badass you don't give a fuck. Useful for 1-3, but not for an horde Pros - Shotgun One Slug per guy! Pros - L.R.R. Shotguns Long Scope 60% Accurate Useful for near enemies! Looks Pro. Cons In close Fights Frag & Smoke Grenades Only Near Zombies :( 90% Very Limited Slugs per Round Gotta Have a lot of Factors for a clean Shot. Cons Make loud Noise! Long-Ranged Rifles 88% Pros - Grenades! Horde Killer Delay in Detonating Smoke can abfect visibility WhoWould You Be? Coward Marksman Melee Man Badass Rational The Fucker Coward Marksman Melee Man Badass Also known as "Eagle Eye" High chance of surviving but he gets into slayin' zombies once in a while. The riskiest of all; don't know the meaning of fear,But you have very tew chances of surviving! bortha (AK-47) besides Watch Out! The loador, the others respect him, He takes the hard decisions, Badass has good chances of surviving cause he always has Big High chance of surviving due to he/she never goes out or kill zombies. him. Rational The Fucker You are the less nuts in the team You have A LOT of chances of surviving this madness, You are guided by your Reason not for Intuition. You have very few chances ob gettin' through this, But not for the Walkers, For Your ÓWN TEAM! You bother everyone, youre annoying, never shut up! But You Are a Ladies Man too. Credits "Zombie Guide" Created By Jorge García %3D Garcia Icons From: Zombie Prep By Jory Raphael Piktochart make information beautiful

Zombie Guide

shared by jorgittomen on Apr 02
This is an attempt on an Infographic related to Zombie Survival Guide, In case of a zombie outbreak i'm providing you a way to survive!


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