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Zombie Apocalypse Cars in Movies - Top 10

TOP 10 ZOMBIE APOCALY PSE ICARS IN MOVIES SUMMARY: Zombie outbreaks can happen at any time. If youíre ever running from an undead hoard and get lucky enough to stumble upon a parking lot with 10 vehicles from the most popular zombie movies, which would you choose as your getaway car? You need to factor in speed, mobility, and durability within a matter of seconds! QUR ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE EXPERTS PROVIDED THE LIST BELOW TO HELP YOU MAKE A LIFE SAVING DECISION. #1 2002 FORD EXPEDITION EL I Am Legend SPEED: MOBILITY: DURABILITY: Rating 12/15 With the power of a rhino, the speed of a cheetah, you'll leave the undead in a cloud of dust or as a smear on the hood. Just be careful when moving around less squishy obstacles. #2 1986 JAGUAR SOVEREIGN V12 Shaun of the Dead SPEED: MOBILITY: DURABILITY: Rating 12/15 Zip in and out of the zombie horde with a sense of style but don't expect to plow through more than a few before looking for another set of wheels. #3 2005 €ADILLAC ESCALADE Zombieland SPEED: MOBILITY: . DURABILITY: Rating 11/15 If you can't swerve out of the way, at least you know you can take more than one of those walking corpses down and keep on driving. It doesn't hurt you look good while doing it. #4 1983 LAND-ROVER 110XD 'WOLF 28 Days Later SPEED: MOBILITY: DURABILITY: Rating 10/15 Crawling along isn't a problem when you don't have to worry about where the road ends and whether there is one zombie in front of you or an entire cemetary full. #5 1973 OLDSMOBILE DELTA 88 Army of Darkness SPEED: MOBILITY: DURABILITY: Rating 10/15 All muscle, lean and ferocious, you will cruise in style in this gas guzzling boat of a car so long as you don't have to do a 3-point tum in a narrow alley. #6 2005 HONDA ANF 125 INNOVA 28 Weeks Later SPEED: MOBILITY: DURABILITY: Rating 9/15 Maneuver through crowded streets filled with clutter or shambling masses of human flesh with ease. You can attempt to use a zombie as a jump ramp but youll most likely end up riding a smoldering crumpled piece of metal. #7 1996 RENAULT MEGANE 1 Shaun of the Dead SPEED: MOBILITY: DURABILITY: Rating 9/15 Fast enough and not the worst car to be driving when the dead rise from their graves, but pretty flimsy and lacking any sense of style. #8 1989 LTI FAIRWAY 28 Days Later SPEED: MOBILITY: DURABILITY: Rating 7/15 It's nice to be able to run over rotting corpse after rotting corpse but the fact you are moving so slow and can't easily swerve around the hordes, you don't have much of a choice but to go through them. Keep your windows rolled up! #9 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER R-SERIES Planet Terror SPEED: A MOBILITY: DURABILITY: Rating 7/15 Loud, ugly, and a beast of a truck, the only reason why you'd jump into this metal monster is you think you might be able to slowly climb up on the truck with an intense craving for your brains. sh your way through the zombies as they #10 2002 FORD E-350 SUPER DUTY XLT Dawn of the Dead · SPEED: MOBILITY: DURABILITY Rating 6/15 Pick a direction and go at a slow steady pace and hopefully you will arrive somewhere safe because you aren't turning anytime soon and those undead will be right on your tail the entire way. Florida Car Title Loans

Zombie Apocalypse Cars in Movies - Top 10

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Our infographic about zombie apocalypse cars reviews the cars from the top zombie movies of all time and rates which one best increases your chance of survival.




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