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Your Favorite TV Characters and Their Business Cards

TV CHARACTERS ....... and Their IRL Careers What if our favorite TV characters had real-life business cards? ...................*********+*******+*+*************......**.................. HERE'S WHAT THEY'D PROBABLY LOOK LIKE. BREAKING BAD Jesse Pinkman YO BITCH I'M JESSE JACKSON Respect the Chemistry IT'S JUST BUSINESS OTHER ALLASES: Blowfish, Cap'n Cook, Diesel For distribution inquiries, call SoS-555-7866. ***** *...... THE BIG BANG THEORY Sheldon Lee Cooper B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D. Kirgon Baggle ChamgiosMinirter Imalgence Quotien WIWheaton's Arch Namesi Sring Theary Reserher Sverson Awerd Winner Catech Chancelor's Averd for Seeree Wirrer Farmer Heidelberg imttute Vaiting Profensor Senic Deh Ray Develaper BRILLIANT THEORETICAL PHYSICIST 626-555-3375 "I'm not crazy,. my mother had me tested" [See more on back.) ...... THE WALKING DEAD RICK GRIMES SHERIFF'S DEPUTY HAVE YOU SEEN SURVIVOR | 2OMBIE SLAYER EXTRAORDINAIRE CARL? SENOIA, GA WALKIE TALKIE CHANNEL 3 SHERLOCK SHERLOCK To determine my phone number, please consider the following descriptions. HOLMES (MAGNIFYING GLASS NECESSARY.) CONSULTING DETECTIVE Thr fit et of Alankr crrepndr swe she roridtial anlrer af vy arc NEy, inn, fyoa'ne paid wy atntkn riald be rny n talt fepecislly he regardg Measial ren fe die The seeand sen of ar Noks canespdk wah re yer Arspecer Greg lesvsde war an, wAe edeid ty ing t sa dpesper 221B Baker Street bair, Atr a af fahian iroli, and oder age peie qualio DOCTOR WHO DALEK EXTERMINATION. This. Card. Will. Self. Destruct, In. 30. Seconds. I. Was. Ordered. To. Create. This. My. Only. Business. Is. With. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Barney Stinson WORLD TRAVELER | SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMAN| OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST |AUTHOR OF DE BTHE PLAYBOOK Lorenzo Von Matterhorn THE BRO CODEI VON MATTERHORN INDUSTRES INTERNATIONAL UNUMITED GLOBALINC INDUSTRY LEADER | BILLIONAIRE | JAI ALAI CHAMPION 212-555-8746 Ladies only. (I'm awesome.) LEGEN (wait for it) DARY --.... ....... GAME OF THRONES LORD TYRION LANNISTER THE IMP *SAVER OF KING'S LANDING LOVER OF WHORES. · HAND OF THE KING MASTER OF COIN · LORD OF CASTERLY ROCK "A LANNISTER ALWAYS PAYS HIS DEBT -..... . MODERN FAMILY PHIL DUNPHY SOUTH CALIFORNIA ANNUAL REALTOR | FAMILY MAN REALTORS BANQUET KEYNOTE Ex- Bulldog Cheerleader Inventor of "peerenting Alias: Clive Bixby 310-555-0167 "Always Be Closing." "I cowld sell a fur coat to an Eskimo." 30 ROCK EXECUTIVE PRODUCER/HEAD WRITER TGS with Tracy Jordan LIZ CREATOR/STAR Dealbreakers LEMON WRITER AND INDEPENDENT WOMAN WINNER Emmy Award DANCER Timeless CONNOISSEUR Fine (and Fast) Food Torches 30 ROCKEFELLER PLAZA 212-555-90a7 MANDATORY PARTY PLANNER UPrintingc .com Spread Your Messagel

Your Favorite TV Characters and Their Business Cards

shared by Amcoffey on Nov 28
If your favorite TV characters had business cards, what would they look like? In this UPrinting Blog post, we have made several examples just for kicks.




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