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You are the social media you're using

YOU ARE THE SOCIAL MEDIA YOU'RE USING In the Digital Era almost everybody is present online through at least a Social network SOCIAL MEDIA USERS 1 billion 235 million f 8* in 10.4 million 200+ million 160 million As dogs say a lot about their Owner... I want to appear rich! my purse is q smart place to put itl Finglly Ill get laid! Let's head the parkl knuckle headl catch those Duke boys Boss! .So does a SOcial media about who's using it! .... The sentence " What's your favorite social media should be used by psychologists I burnt my house and Ill continue with yours later.. I see. But what's your favorite Social media? Here are the dominant identities in the biggest social medias facebook The stalker After 2 hours úaiting she's finally logged in Can't waste this chancel HI O K How's going? O Are you there? Hil e K Nice day isn't it?! e K Maybe you're busy. ak Don't worry. k Hill How's going? O Offline?! next time Ill give her (tips to change internet provider. twitter The intellectual Twitter İsfar better than Facebook! you know.. hashtags.. .More open. not to mention that people on Twitter have a culture! Look at the trending topics! #lloveBieberCause #stufflFoundinmyNose #SongslcanPlaywithFarts #myLovelyKitty #geekpickuplines #Godspeakstome foursquare The bullshitter Waaahl The Eiffel Tower! Immadiate check-in on foursquarel Shithole Bar ground the corner Noneed to use the phone at all Pinterest The wannabe Food & Drink Sesame Quinoa Spring Rolis Zucchini fus Bean and spinach soup Tuna salad One day. .One day. Google+ The Last stand Пт Somebody will arrive ...Sooner or later. Woosh ПП myspace The nostalgic Old Games rules! nowadays kids don't understand anythingl Linkedin The unemployed The last (job search before loosing my dignity. DUCK CHIPS mestic or The sex maniac Can I havé an internet connection in prison? Instagram The masochist photographer Pictures gre qwesome with this click ultraHD cameral Aind now let's ruin them wth Cheap vintage filters

You are the social media you're using

shared by themaplekind on Apr 02
As dogs say a lot about their owner, so does a social media about who's using it.


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