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Will I Make a Good Superhero? poster

THE VIEWS EXPRESSED IN THIS STUPENDOUSLY HANDY AID DO NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE BEHAVIORS OF ALL SUPERHEROES. NOBLE -- YET WE ARE RELATIVELY CERTAIN THAT AFTER VALIANT EXAMINATION OF THIS AID, MOST SUPERHEROES WOULD APPROVE OF N AT HEART I- EKCILLENT RATE YOURSELF ON THESE SUPERHERO ATTRIBUTES CONSIDER THIS YOUR MONIKER VILLAINS - FAIR PPOOR 1. START Which safety device should you carry on you at all times? Which of these nefarious foes would you prefer to do epic batle with? 2. MIDDLE 3. END Your name should dazzle your fans and daunt your foes. Choose three words to form Where would you least like to receive a surprise attack? DIDIDOOL IDIDIDIOIUIU AlololololalolA O Caplain O Super O Mighty O Doctor O Mra. O Mr. O Fantostie O Pent O Guy O Volcana O lce C Lightning lady O Lave O Panther O Loser O Toast O Foce O Broin O Lips O Heod OIn the shower O While parallel parking O On my birthday O Travelsize force field O Altack chihuahua O Inflatable escape pod your new nome. How de you respond to insults being hurled at you during battlei O Become quiet and swllen O Reply with sharp comebacks O Recihe Sricks and Stones NOTE: Deily like eeperhero con be vaning, but it ollers beefts such s nice ab muscles and fewer colds MAJESTIC O Monster O Sinister FACTI HAIR SUPERHUMAN ANTIPERSPIRANT COMMUTER Supwheraes Raccoon Librarian are sometimes VEHICLE CHEST INSIGNIA- mishaken fer Pgers in running ger, SUPERHERO aca pun AVERAGE DAY PHYSIQUE- ENHANCING STRETCH FABRIC 30 Alam clock NOTE: This diagram ahowa basic haro attira. To customie, you can choose from myriod fashien posibilities including: fire hoic cnimal tala, donal fina, detachoble ea, and ontigrovity socks 7:00 Cereal & toot PERSONALIZED LICENSE PLATES 7:45 Check email EVILDOER RADAR B15 Shower - EXTERNAL BRIEFS 30 Commute to bettle (RECOMMENDEDI O Mutant Casserale AUTO PILOT SUPER STRENGTH AIR FRESHENER 9:00 Do battle 1115 Commute home BLAST.PROOF WAX- 1200 Sandwich SECRET POCKET 1:00 Yard work GADGET STORAGE (FOR COINS AND MINTSI COATING CAPI 1:00 Surprise altack (WINDSWEPT) GLIDE WINGS 201 Do bottle ALTER ROCKET AERODYNAMIC BOOTS 345 Snock ENGINES EGO BRAVE STANCE MYTH: 4.00 Invent godgets The fabrie in Choose your 30 Pauta & salad nonsuperhero identity carehlly. vuperhera sus oies all dirt end TRADITIONAL ATTIRE & FEATURES H/N 7:30 Watch TV / hobby O Mameating Stapler rim therly eliminating the need to de laundry. 30 Bed 1. 2. FACTI TIP DAILY WONDERS Many thing can become llainous one minute youre washing the dshe, the nt you're lng an d irk Superherons enjoy laisure activities lke meutes mgeng, building lesping EXAMPLE: and asteraid tenk. + 1. Average Ciizen - Oood| 2. 16th Century Duke - Bad NEW IDENTITY WILL I MAKE A GOOD SUPERHERO? THIS STUPENDOUSLY HANDY AID WILL HELP YOU DECIDE BIG CHANGES HOUSEHOLD CONSIDERATIONS TIP: Powers are best tested in sot. frepreof sttng PRACTICE EPIC POWERS Your newfound strengih may lead to inadvertent breaking of abjects. FACTI PERKS Suparho recaive their drivers s MIND CONTROL Superhero tailetries like bionic foss are pricey. Things that are often easier for superheroes: licernes wthout heving te hoke X-RAY VISION BEFORE VS. AFTER - LOST KEYS SONAR the exam 1. High school reunions 2. Hide-andseek EYE HERCULEAN LASERS 3. Sumo wrestlng STRENGTH 4. Mount Everest 5. Talert shews HEALTHY JOINTS NOTE The powers shown here are poplar, but you may develop lass common ones lice spoed winking. yogurt monipulaton, lelepathic fle sorting, troffic signol cantrol, and unearny feng shui 6. Blind dutes 7. Joining cirous 8. Piano maving BEFORE: AFTER! 9. Breakdancing Bullet proof casing, reina scanner, bumer spray, and 10 It. loast ejection. Standard tooster r 10. Algebra FAST HEALING From NOTE 20 feet MYTH INVISIBILITY Theugh boing e wuparhero makes many eway. You may need to brand everyday items with tye lasers enable you to ceok hoth could you ENVIABLE hit this things emier it dees make targut weh eve losers. gadget, or chewing gum? DANCE MOVES same thing harder, such a doing taxes and playing fair a sport. sides ofa your insignia. BEFORE: Sunglasses with UV protection AFTER: watle at the Telescope, flamethrower, and same time LIGHTNING FLIGHT SPEED. eye drops. COMMON POWERS & ABILITIES QUICK CHANGING WEAKNESSES NOTE Your weakness may be hard to prodict as in the case of as unplanned allergic reaction to jae. Superheroes must perform rapid wardrobe changes. Which of these changing areas fits your comfort zone? Along with your powers, you may also gain a hidden vulnerability. Which of the following examples would you be willing to avoid at all costs? O Restroom O Office cube O Phone booth O Behind tree O Inside receptacle O Gamma Radiation O Baby Animals O Multitasking O Frosting MIGHTY IN IN CONCLUSION. THIS STUPENDOUSLY HANDY AID HAS ATTEMPTED TO LEND VITAL KNOWLEDGE TO THE BURGEONING HERO. ...IN THE EVENT OF FREE FALL, THIS AID CAN BE USED AS A GLIDER. OF 100 GHARLEY GHARTWELL V.I STATURE

Will I Make a Good Superhero? poster

shared by Charley-Chartwell on Sep 10
For those of us who are considering a career as a superhero, and are itching to know what we’ll wear, how we’ll schedule our day, and the types of foes we’ll face, this poster is stupendously ha...


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