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Why You Should Get Rid of the Internet

WHY YOU SHOULD GET RIDOF THE INTERNET Living without the INTERNET seems impossible nowadays COUNTRIES WITH THE HIGHEST INTERNET PENETRATION SWEDEN ISLAND NORWAY NETHER LANDS FALKLAND But have you ever realized how MISERABLE YOur 2 life is because of it Think about ALL THESE TERRIBLE THINGS you have to deal with everyday UNREADEBLE CAPTCHA One of the most inexplicable things on the internet, which come along with weird questions... ARE YOU HUMAN? Am I human?! type the two words Who do you think is sitting here?! Damn... They got mel Not to mention the "listen" button, YOU HUMAN? put there to invoke Satan! Did you call me my friend?! NO words If you've never clicked on it, well, DON'T!! COMPLICATED PASSWORDS Security issues obligate websites to ask for more complex passwords (8 characters, mix of numbers and characters, capital letters...) online impotence indicator TOO WEAK not GOod yet?! typed in even the Batman symbol AUTOINSTALLING TOOLBARS Impatient to install this new software and you don't pay attention to indications? Cmon! Cmon! Here's your brand new toolbar on your internet browser! click click What the hell?! And an annoying toolbar is for life! Was the Only way to uninstall XXX Here too?! How is it possible?! BLOGGING STRESS Fingly I have my personal blog! I'l be the online Hemingwayl 1 MONTH LATER I have nothing to write! Im such a failurel INTERNET IS EVERYWHERE The smartphone widespread and Internet coverage increase are stealing your time from real life! 1998 Only place with Internet at home TODAY Waagh! There's internet even here! Ill check my Twitter buddies! FALSE HOPES Internet gives you the illusion that you can develop any original idea and get rich! An app that finds the I had this qwesome. ideal recipe of the food you're takıng a picture ofl Aguy inSanJosè (has already, done this! He's paid with islands! now He's richer than Tutankhamon EXTREME PORN AMOUNT Any kind of perversion is just one click away! Little by little your sexual boundaries will increase... maybe a ménage à trois with a penguin Could be something.

Why You Should Get Rid of the Internet

shared by onebourbon on Nov 26
From the most screwed up CAPTCHAs to those very aggressive tool bars (like Conduit and SweetIM) that you can never get rid of, unless of course you format your hard drive. OMFG! Forget all that & ...


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