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Why you should avoid airplanes

why you should AVOID airplanes airplanes have become the best way for holidays & businesS trips affordable They're now for anyone and they're considered as the safest means of transportation Here are some facts to reassure you: No flying bird can stop a jet engine During the testing phase of jet engines, testers throw whole chickens at them to ensure they won't be damaged by birds Ah Ah Best job ever! Airplanes are built by the highest safety bidders NASA spacecrafts are built with equipment from the lowest price bidders. On the other hand, aircrafts are built with equipment from bidders with the highest safety standards. Where the fuck gre the breaks?! AnAh douchebag! No lightning can damage the plane Lightning may strike an aircraft, but because the aircraft is not connected to the ground, the lightning simply "passes through" the plane, leaving it and the passengers completely safe. Try to defeat me how brother! Damnl! But nobody the biggets danger // of using airplanes: ever talks about STRESS Here are some reasons why you should avoid airplanes extra cheap FLIGHT search Keep searching! There's a cheaper price somewherel What, are you doing? Low-price companies take undue advantage of their employees God .And then they try to sell you everything. Why on egrth should Iwant a hoover?! Just Give me my Goddamn flight! .And the insurance choice. On the button to refuse the insurance is written "Geronimo". ..And the discovery after buying the ticket! Whaat?! The same flight for half the price?! senseless URGENCY at the checkpoint Geez! Im too slow!l! unjustified ANXIETY at the passport check On God! Не knows! I can feel it I wont ever pass this check! fear that your HANDBAG is oversized .maybe it's too big. That's also called "Goalkeeper in a Penalty" Syndrome my God! Is he enormous or the goal just so tiny?! sadistic APTITUDE JEST to choose your seat Introvert subject with a low tolerance level! Seat in front of the screaming kiçking child! THE COLD CALCULATING CONNECTION DEPARTMENT Claustrophobic emotional subject Next to the fat woman! the LANDING IMPAȚIENT guyin the window seat Wejust landed.. .Doors will open in a few MInutes Really.?! the LUGGAGE RECOVERY torture Oh God I's not lost it! here! I knew It would have happened SOoner or later. What (will I do without (my stuff?l I'm feeding on their fegr! Throw some more Unclaimed suitcases! EBBBI

Why you should avoid airplanes

shared by themaplekind on May 25
Airplanes have become the best way for holidays and Business trips. But what about the reasons why you should avoid them?


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