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Why it sucks to be the IT guy

Why It Sucks To Be The IT Guy BROKEN KEN NFECTED INFECTE AOKEN BROK BRO CRASH CRASH CECT BROKEN CTED ED BROKEN INFECTED KEN INFEC Nerd Stereotype Even before meeting an IT person, people assume they 'get' them. Shows like The IT Crowd lead to misconceptions about information technology. No One Likesto Be Pre-Defined! SCANNING SCANNING SCANNING RUNNING IDENTITY ALGORITHM NERD DETECTED! Geek Chic uNerdsters" Many IT workers are hipsters who use sites like Reddit. They are considered cool by mainstream people. Nerd Hermit "Aypergnerds" Often thought to have uni-brows and pocket protectors, this stereotype is applied to any IT worker who seems a little reclusive or shy. CSI Genius "Omnerdscient The CSI genius IT person appears normal, but is believed to have Einstein-level intelligence. People expect this type of IT person to know everything, always. Star Trek «Niche Nerds" These IT workers are easily recognized by the many toys and decorations on their desks. Known for going all-in on Halloween with the $300 Star Nerd costumes, these geeks are often ostracized. Responsibilities To do: • erase virus upgrade hardware make toast rebost system malware Since the recession IT workers have been reduced and Spread Thin! There are many jobs IT workers specialize in. No one person can do all of these things, but often they are expected to be: Systems Administrator Security Webmaster Applies information security measures to a computer network. Designs and web sites. Maintains and operates a computer system. Programmer Writes computer programs. Help Desk Provides information and support to computer network users. Worst Colleagues Randy asks: Where is the Bert complans 'any key'? My machine is so0000000 slow Cher requests: Colleagues rarely Won't you just come do it?.. Wanda mentions: I just downloaded something from Kenya consider what the IT guy thinks of them. There are a few types of colleague IT people hate to hear from: Lazy Users Wild Users who are perfectly capable but simply do not care to learn easy fixes. Downloader This person never questions the veracity of the 'Prince in Nairobi' giving away millions. Downloading anything can lead to information insecurity, which is a network-wide issue. Over-Anxious Worrier Worry-warts call when their monitors blink once. If the hour-glass turns over twice they think it's an end-all virus. These people merely zap IT workers' time, leaving them strained to meet other demands. Talkers Seemingly harmless, these lonely people keep IT workers captivated by heedless jibber-jabber for hours. This leaves IT people strained to meet deadlines. Sources: NORASH BROKEN BROKEN

Why it sucks to be the IT guy

shared by kensavage on Dec 04
No one likes to be pre-defined! Even before meeting an IT person, people assume they "get" them. Shows like The IT Crowd lead to misconceptions about information technology. There are many jobs IT ...


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