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The whole truth about being a freelancer in Web Design

The whole truth about being a FREELANCER in Web Design Being a Web Design freelancer is awesome! No fixed schedule No one to boss you around No punching the clock And no more imprisonment to your creativity! You are your own boss now Your work will be great without any more restraints! That is what I used to think before. Many think that freelancers are luckier people And in some uways this is true. But not everybody knows our dark side Your lifestyle will suddenly change You will organize your own schedule And a Graphic Designer can organize his own schedule as well as a dog owner cares about his personal hygiene Today I ate some poop cat, Bolished my balls till they sparkeg puke fime tolick Не Jack's face ) loves i 计 Waking up in the morning becomes a daunting task. Oooh fuck !!! It must Eally egrly for sure ..And so is focusing on your job 09:00 AM no) BUAF nono iAH 12:00 AM So. That's what they Shandogl Syndrome 04:00 PM nononono BUAA, * the quthor disagrees with those that blame the intemet for the language breakdown in the new generation Even your diet gets worse Web Design freelancer's food requirements random junk food in the refrigerator 10% 20% cheap snačks coffee 70% pure 15% hate Graphic Designers are similar to zombies Both of them are attracted to easy food ZOMBIE GRAPHIC DESINGER Human Snack Freelancing frees you from Ineed a pof wth Rcebock msde mode by Lxcel and prviaole Usang Outlook annoying and dull Bosses BUT DONT WORRY dull Bosses will be replaced by dull Clients *H wil help you develop g reglky low image of human kind www themapickind com Do you have a vector logo? oursel mmmmh. Locks small But it's Just the thumbnail Letse for surel the preview Click Click Pre you fuckin kiddn' me? www themankckind com People who'll consider your job as important as collecting butterflies This website is too plain!!! I want more colors Tots of colors! Imagine a tunnel Covered by reless fegtur websites and gmong them mycolorfull website But it'syour imagine not minel After a week he'll see you as a stumbling block to his creativity Down! SO I can use you as a mOuse! Among all of this, your white paper fear will grow! Starting a new job is an emotional roller-coaster You begin with the best intentions Inspiration come to me Then the phase let's see what others did Just a quick look. it's not cheatin. Starring yvonne Strahovski in a show is cheating Despair I'm the Uwe Boll of Web Design Then the emotional outburst with the million dollar idea my. Godl Godl Goodbye to dumb clients and underpaid Jobsl On my How could (I'have never thought of this before? ...And despair again But, deep inside, every webdesigner knows that even his best website with TONS of AWARDS 100% With this website I Won 3 quarasi Good job! Wow! It's realy nice! Can never compete against a website with BOOBS Jesus Christ! Tits! Give the author anobel prize. Freelancer also means being V out of touch with the outside world www themanickınd com Yesterday night I was with this chick.. SOFFEE COFFEE FL Loser) SOFFEE COFFEE ...And sometimes this could lead to tragic endings We can't get out Wilson We just have to digit the right number combination every108 minutes and everything will be ÖK! qll full of radiation out therel Your best human interaction will be by chat! People you will chat Friends of yours '80% pretendng to be graphic designers showing you their temble work with www Friend Hey dude! How's it going? TheMapleKind Hey! All Ok! What's up? Friend Take a look at this new website I'm working on! And I discovered this awesome font! It's called Comic Sans! Friend is sending screenshot.jpg 0% TheMapleKind is offline And when you'll find the courage to get out of your house you'll find this kind of situation! MONDAY- 10:00 AM Only at 6:00 PM you'll find some natives www themapieiind com Not to mention the biggest issue for a graphic designer that is explaining what your work is all about! youfix computersl nonol I develop websités, advertising, arimations. You know. I have a problem with my computerl Can you A take g Jook? Guess Indeed... 20% Friends asking you や fix People you wil chat their computer with But this is the best scenario worst case scenario is talk about your job to hard-working people What do you do for a living? Jeez It's atel I think I left the Gas And my cat is on! probably starvingl child A who plays with crayons That's the only thing most people will see when they look at you How autell Go find a job youslackerl Atyour age I was Killing nazis potato Tand! www

The whole truth about being a freelancer in Web Design

shared by themaplekind on Jan 23
A pretty long infographic about freelancer in web design, filled with comics and bullshit.


The Maple Kind


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