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Who is the Most Annoying Facebook User?

Wanted by FBI FACEBOOK INTERVENTION PUBLIC OPINION Please VOTE for the most DEPARTMENT ACEBOOK ANNOYING facebook INTERY User the EXTREMIST, the CAUSE-HEAD, the ATTENTION-SEEKER, the PROUD-PARENT, the MY-FRIENDS-ARE-MY-LIFE the EXTREMIST You've worn the paint off your exclamation point key. ! 1 And you LOVE capslock!The next best thing to doing something cool, is telling everyone you've ever met how "KILLER!!!!!OMG!!!!!! or other current trendy hella-cool vernacu-lizzle. You know like fo-shizzle the MY-FRIENDS-ARE-MY-LIFE 2 Facebook is all about FRIENDS that's why we're here! But you go the extra mile, you take social obligation seriously. You have a camera, and friends and you're going to have a photo with each one of them EVERY time you see them. But you don't rest there, long after the party is over and all are sleeping, you're up dutifully tagging each and everyone of your peeps and captioning photos: "You looked so hot, woot woot xoxo." the ATTENTION SEEKER 3 The Attn: Seeker A.K.A. The Bad Spy A.K.A. The Fisherman You have secrets, we all do. But what sets you apart, is your secretive displays of information: "Today is the WORST", "sometimes I just don't know anymore", "Hard times ahead please keep me in your thoughts", "Out at some place with a special someone", "out at the bar with you know who, it's gonna be a crazy night", "we find your stupid comments a bit on the annoving side. You hang the bait out to anyone you've ever met. You post all the time, with lots of words that say nothing. Your life is actually pretty boring, and your friends dont ask anymore, because once you say the special place is Applebees, and the special someone is your mom, well we aren't going to fall for that again are we? the PROUD-PARENT Your Facebook profile is a pic of your baby.Everything they do is "ADORABLE" and be geniuses. You've keep it in between you at all times to capture their "GORGEOUS" AHHH-MAZING".They are obvously going to an iphone and you've got a baby and you outfits. We all love your kids but we probably don't need hourly updates of their Ist words, sleeping routines and diet. lf your kid has a fever of 102, explosive diarrhoea + trouble breathing maybe don't poll your facebook friends, take the kid to a doctor. We didn't sign up to follow your kid, we are following you.Your cute photo captions make us sick inside. the CAUSE-HEAD 5 Socially conscious do gooders, devoted re-posters, and chronic commenters, the moral mavens of the digital mosh pits. Relentlessly making the rest of us normies feel GUILTY for whatever pleasure we enjoy, like driving a car and not biking to work, or not wanting to come over to your vegie-licious vegan BBQ, because the only thing better than driving my car, is going 60 mph with a hamburger in my hand and drink in the cup holder. I have 10 mins to look on here while I'm at work, and I want entertainment, not rhetoric. Puppy factories are the worst, the worst kind of adorable. VOTE BY EITHER: E RE - POSTING ON TWITTER f RE-POSTING ON FACEBOOK BRANDON ROSSEN CREATIVE © 2012 AVENTION

Who is the Most Annoying Facebook User?

shared by Hot Butter Studio on Feb 23
In the style of a retro/vintage FBI Wanted poster, we have created an infographic that details the 5 most annoying Facebook users. It is a play on words, so that FBI here means, "FaceBook Intervention...


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