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Which Meme Girl Are You Dating Online

WHICH MEME GIRL ARE YOU DATING ONLINE? Trolo Girl Overly Attached Girlfriend Convict Chick First World Problems Good Girl Gina Gay Richard Simmons Fat Girl Scumbag Girl Sexually Oblivious Female Did you send the first message? Are you asking to hook up? Do you have a photo in NO NO your profile? JES NO Is she DTF? Did you have a Are you really good conversation? good looking? Has she asked you NO to wire her money? NO Yes YES NO Did you show her the goods? YOU DIDN'T REPLY TO MY MESSAGE YES NO Are you sure? Did you guys exchange contact info? NO YOU MUST HATE ME STEALS YOUR HEART yES First World Problems JES Is she texting you? AND YOUR WALLET Are you turned on? IREALLY LIKE YOU Jes NO Convict Chick DOI SWALLOW? NO Ave you Ryan Gosling? ASA FRIEND OSTOPPED BLINKING Trolo Girl HEY GIRL OF COURSE, HOW ELSE WOULD I EAT? Did she send a Sexually Oblivious Female SOI WOULD ALWAYS photo back? SEE YOU Overly Attached Girlfriend YES NO Are all her photos just FORGET HER NAME sal her face and taken at a downward angle? Were they racey? -NO DOESN'T GET MAD NO YES Good Girl Gina Did she accuse you of Is her profile set to sending it to other girls? "Average or bigger"? NO YES. NO Is it a girl? Were they with her cat? Is it a photo of you two BODY TYPE cropped into a heart? NO YES NO NO Did she send the same AVERAGE JES pictures to your best friend? HI MY NAME'S KELLY Fat Girl NO Was she out of SEND ME YOUR PICS your league? Gay Richard Simmons "SAYS SHE'S A GAMER yes ONLY THING SHE PLAYS IS YOU Scumbag Girl ON This infographic was brought to you by #onisfun @onisfun

Which Meme Girl Are You Dating Online

shared by ONisfun on Feb 03
Find out which meme girl personality you have been talking to and dating online



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