What is Jazz?

? WHAT IS You are in an unfamiliar bar. The music is strange, the punters slightly off-looking. Where are you? What is the meaning of this? You may have stumbled into the world of Jazz. Peruse this guide if you seek enlightenment and help. ARE YOU LISTENING TO TO77CHECKLIST Did you only recognise the melody of the tune being played after about 10 minutes? If there is a singer, does they not seem to kNow the tune the band is playing? Does the band not seem to care whether you are in any way involved with the music? Does this pie-chart reflect the structure and feel of the music? Piss-ass annoying intrumental solos Songs that go on Forever Black listeners JAZZ ARE YOU IN A BAR ? CHECKLIST Is the smell of corderoy pervading the atmosphere of the venue? Are there a worrying amount of age 40+ men sporting pony tails & goatees? Do the women chain-smoke hand rolled cigarettes? Are the walls covered in photographs of musicians you do not recognise in the slightest? After talking to some of the patrons, do you find they have little to no knowledge of pop culture since 1969? Speaking more with the patrons, does it become clear that they view the history of music like this: 40,000 BC - 1930 - Practice - 1930 - 1955 - Music AcHieved - 1955 - onwards - Decline - Answers to the positive increase the likliħood that you have found yourself involved with the enigmatic world of Jazz

What is Jazz?

shared by amie on May 03
Jazz music is a certain type of music that appeals to certain personality types. This infographic seeks to identify jazz music from the viewpoint of a non-fan. Smoky cigarette voiced ladies, improvi...



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