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What To Do When Your Carriage Has Been Hijacked by Flywaymen (Flowchart)

Mademoiselle Geraldine's Finishing Academy presents WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUK CARKIAGE HAS BEEN HIJACKED BY FLYWAYMEN SOPHRONIA ANGELINA TEMMINNICK FIELD-TESTED BY COVERT RECRUI Has your carriage been hijacked by sky criminals? · YOU'RE Is one pointing a pistol at you or another occupant of the carriage? YES NO SAVED For now. We'll be sending a flywayman after you right away. Afterall, this is a school for finishing, not pointless lessons. Do you have long eyelashes, fake or otherwise? NO YES YES NO Comment on the pleasantess of the night & beauty of the countryside. Now, flutter those eyelashes. Not blink-flutter! Is he in love? Bat them. Grow a set. Meanwhile: (E Is he taken with you? YOU'RE DOOMED To thwart a gentleman foe, a lady must master YES NO eyelash manipulation. Your homework: Flutter. 6 rounds of 100 each. You'll have Pips! It worked! No man is immune plenty of practice time while tied up in a flywayman's balloon. YES NO to proper eyelash fluttering. Have your new courter put his pistol away. Why, someone could get hurt!' Now, is the coachman alive? - YOU'RE DOOMED Pity. You're not cut out for this. Your best option is to either faint in the road or cry in the carriage until they grow bored or uncomfort- able. Either way they'll put you out of your misery soon enough. YES NO Is he overcome by Oh, dear. Violence. Does violence excite you? physical assault? YES YES NO Is their airdinghy anchored to the |Ran away then, has he? So difficult to find drivers who can take down an airship these days. It's why they'll soon be replaced by mechanicals. Excellent. But let's carriage by rope? suppress any urge to giggle. or attack. A lady never strikes first. She asks questions. Then strikes. So ask yourself, YES NO You need to cut the balloon's ties to the carriage. Check fellow passengers for resources. Pick one: * YOU'RE Are you willing to take command of the horses? DOOMED You are a lady who believes it is most inap- propriate for a young woman to drive a coach. But you are also a dead lady. Sometimes decency *Items listed are based on a survey asking Brit- ish students attending finishing or evil genius schools in 1851 what NO YES must be sacrificed on the altar of not being killed by flywaymen. they are most likely to have on their personages while traveling by coach. A knitted stuffed octopus. A monocle on a stick. A slice of sponge cake swiped at teä Interesting choice. But deployment of this item in combat | is far too advanced for your level and repercussions are far too bloody. Focus on cutting the airdinghy's ties. Pick another item. Excellent choice! Angle the monocle's lens to catch the sun. Did it burn through the rope? Eat the cake. IE'll buy you time while you think of a better option than eating cake. Do you know how to drive a YES carriage? Perfect! The balloon will drift away & the flywaymen will abandon the carriage in favor of rescuing their own conveyance. YOU'RE DOOMED NO YES You've come so far, yet you're finished before you can properly finish. If the flywaymen ever release you from captiv- ity, get thee to Made- moiselle Geraldine's YOU'RE SAVED You must spend a lot of time in stables. Nice- looking stable boys, perhaps? Get to the driver's box, take the reins & cluck the horses into motion. Well done. Finishing Academy immediately. We have our work cut out for us FLYWAYMEN AVERTED.

What To Do When Your Carriage Has Been Hijacked by Flywaymen (Flowchart)

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