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USA vs. UK: Who’s Worse?

USA vs UK WHO'S WORSE? For Every 1 Brit there are 5 Americans 16000000 14000000 12000000 10000000 8000000 6000000 4000000 2000000 Nicknames from Other Countries UK Brit Pommys Rosbig Khaki USA Sassenach STA SE Soutie CRINGO UNITED-STATESIAN YANKEE ETATE N AND STATUNITENSI AMERICAN Les Coddams Firang The term "Pommy" or "Pom" was considered derogatory until 2006 when the Australian Advertising Standards Board (and again in 2010 by the New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority) ruled it to be no longer offensive. BIGGER is Better (and the UK is Tiny) USA: 3,794,083 SQUARE MILES UK: 94,251 SQUARE MILES The UK is smaller than 11 of the 52 American states. Brits are a Bunch of Drunks 30.8% Yearly consumption of alcohol in liters per capita (Age 15+): ЧКя 1327 USA of British youths (aged 11-15) have been drunk at least twice; a figure nearly three times larger America's 11.6%. Britshave Bad Teeth While the typical American stereotype portrays Brits as having a mouth of raisins, there is no actual evidence to suggest Brits have inferior teeth or dental hygiene. This stereotype stems from the difference in point of view: American's believe the perfect straight, uber-white Hollywood smile (read veneers) is the symbol of good teeth, while Brits are more than happy with a healthy, normal, naturally crooked and discolored smile. Ricky Gervais was praised for his willingness to wear “horrific false teeth" by the American Media, only the "horrific" teeth in question are anything but false. Americans are Stupid Everyone knows America is filled with half-wits, which is unfortunate for Americans as the data doesn't really back this notion up: Estimated Average IQ: UK - 100 USA - 98 While the US is technically behind the UK in this study it's only by two points and the OECD rankings from last year (where they give half a million 15 year-olds around the world the same 3 tests) show: UK - Reading (494), Maths (492), Science (514) USA - Reading (500), Maths (487), Science (502) Americans can read and write better than the Brits, but it's in Math and Science where they fall a little short. It's no surprise when a massive percentage of the population still refuses to accept evolution. 39% of Americans fully believe in Evolution, while 25% of Brits believe in the theory with another 25% only going as far to say it's "probably true". Americans areObese % of Population Considered Obese UK-23% USA-30.6% A SIZE 4 dress today was a SIZE 8 twenty years ago. Britsare Hooligans Number of violent crimes per 100,000 residents: UKO2,034 USA466 AON Football Hooliganism is so rampant it's referred to as the "English Disease" by the British media, and has had more than seven major films made on the subject. American Women are Sluts UK-18 their virginity USA-16 The average age for women losing comes in at: The average time for a single session of pooning: UK-21 min USA-28min 130 fimes per year AVERAGE PERSON HAVING SEX IN USA The USA is thought to be among top 3 most sexually active countries in the world (along with Russia and France). Americans have Small Wangs UK 5.5 INCHES USA 5.1 INCHES 17 CENSORED CENSORED 13.5inches The world's largest penis (on medical record) belongs to an American named Jonah Falco. Surprisingly the dude has refused to star in any adult films. British Girls are Ugly This rumor is anything but true. To prove it we just need to look to FHM's 100 sexiest women for 2011. #1, the English born stunner Rosie Huntington-Whitely. #3 (the top ranked American) Katy Perry. FHM 100 N Sexiest Womer 3 for 2011 While Katy Perry is absolutely stunning, Rosie Huntington- Whitely is clearly on a whole other level. 2nd UK ( ENGLAND) RANKING FOR WORLD'S HOTTEST MEN According a completely subjective list found online while the USA comes in at the NINE-SPOT (9). Brits are a Bunch of Pansies UFC CHAMPIONSHIPS (INCLUDING TOURNAMENTS AND ULTIMATE FIGHTER WINS): UK 3 USA - 67 A UK fighter has never won a championship title in the UFC; all three of their wins come from Ultimate Fighter victories (of which the US has 15). 76 Don't like UFC? Heavyweight boxing titles hve been owned by the USA, the UK has claimed only 11 Americans are War Mongers Yearly Defense Budget USA $698 Billion The World $1,630 Billion UK $59.6 Billion US Beer Sucks HERE ARE THE WORLD'S BEST BEERS FOR THE FIVE MAIN CATEGORIES: Pale Ale - Deschutes, Red Chair NWPA (6.2%) USA Dark Ale - Unibroue, Unibroue 17 (10%) Canada Lager - Primator, Premium (5%) Czech Republic Stout - Minoh Beer, Imperial Stout (8%) Japan Wheat Beer - Weihenstephaner, Vitus (7.7%) Germany As you can see the USA made it to one of the slots on that list, while the UK is nowhere to be found. This round clearly goes to the Yanks. The Final Verdict After carefully weighing the facts from both sides, we've come to the conclusion that the USA and the UK are equally worthy of the title. The only nation worthy of being called winners: CANADA Sources: http://www.worldbeerawards. com/ South Korea South Africa rance oduo) Aayun Auewag ejdojuga weuzan wopaurx paun saunddid ue der essny vsapejBueg uesye esauopup AMERICAÑO India

USA vs. UK: Who’s Worse?

shared by SeanLind on Sep 07
We decided to take a look at the most prolific stereotypes and accusations thrown at the USA and the UK to find out once and for all who is truly the worst.


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