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ultimate guide zombie proofing your home and staying alive

A HOUSE FIT FOR A SLAYER: A 5TH LINE OF DEFENSE 2ND LINE OF DEFENSE 1ST LINE OF DEFENSE (50-100 YARDS FROM HOME): (350-400 YARDS FROM HOME): (450-500 YARDS FROM HOME): • Attack dogs fitted with kevlar vests, protective glasses, and surgically implanted titanium canines. AKA: bad ass motha! • Land Mines spread throughout open areas and places showing heavy zombie traffic • 10 foot chain-link fences covered in razor wire surrounding the entire compound ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ZOMBIE PROOFING YOUR HOME & • directly behind the fence: 6 foot wide by 3 foot high bushes of razor wire • Motion sensors to notify you of any movement in your area STAYING ALIVE 4TH LINE OF DEFENSE 3RD LINE OF DEFENSE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE (150-200 YARDS FROM HOME): (250-300 YARDS FROM HOME): (10-25 YARDS FROM HOME): • YOU and your crack team of zombie slayers. AKA: 21st century dead heads • Two watch towers at each corner of the compound with floodlights to illuminate the • 15-foot wide by-10 foot deep trench, lined vwith stakes at the bottom, surrounding situation compound • 10-foot high by 3-foot thick concrete wall, topped with razor wire surrounding compound INSIDE THE HOUSE ARSENAL ARSENAL (CLOSE RANGE) ARSENAL (MELE) (MID TO LONG RANGE) All doors and windows Explosives rigged to level house in case it's overrun replaced with 3/4 inch steel plates on heavy-duty hinges and industrial locking mechanism Glock 17 ($500) Cold Steel Kukri Pse Archery Tac-15 Crossbow Upper For Ar Md ($1,300) BASIC PROVISIONS FOR DAY TO DAY APOCALYPTIC LIVING Machete with PVC Handle ($22) Two back-up generators Pharmaceuticals Floodlights surrounding house Water with at least 72 hours worth of fuel. Food (prescription and non-prescription meds alike) (one gallon per CANNED (non-perishable FOOD Smith & Wesson Model 59 ($450) person per day) easy to transport items) Blackout curtains Tunnel, rigged with explosives, leading away from house to undisclosed Ka-Bar 2 1245-1 covering all windows during dusk hours First Aid Supplies (bandages, ointments, 5th of whiskey, etc) Sanitation Clothing and Bedding (one change of fitted, durable clothes and Black Tanto Knife and Hygiene (bleach, ($60) location with carch of BLEACH supplies, equipment, and getaway vehicle for quick escape. cleantowels, antibacterial) Red Jacket ZK-22 Bullpup Rifle ($1,200-$1,500) blankets/sleeping bags) Browning A5 12 gauge shotgun ($400-$700) BASIC SURVIVAL GEAR Tactical Tomahawk ($40) Gloves Back Pack AR-15, .223 caliber, with Phantom A2 flash Flashlight (recommend Energizer HardCase Pro Swivel Walkie Talkie Multi-tool (recommend Voodoo (recommend Garmin Rino 530HCX 2-way Radio with GPS/FRS/GMRS $600) (recommend Gerber 22-41545 Black Diesel Multi-Plier $50-$100) (recommend Olympia Sports 340 Vented Kevlar Protector Tactical Level III Bug Out Bag $75-$150) suppressor and marine Corps Diamond Steel full tang Multi-purpose bayonet ($1,250) Remington 870 shotgun with extended magazine tube ($300-$700) Head: $30) gauntlets $50-$100) Sources:,,,, InMyArea

ultimate guide zombie proofing your home and staying alive

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ultimate guide zombie proofing your home and staying alive................................................................




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