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Top Office Pranks for April Fool's Day

OFFICE PRANKS 1. FLOODED 2. THE UPSIDE-DOWN CUP 3. THE JELL-O Estimated prep time: 2 hours Estimated prep time: 5 minutes Estimated prep time: night before Step 1: Fill a bunch of plastic or disposable cups with water or a liquid of your choice Step 1: Take any cup or mug, fill it with water Step 1: Take an object that is frequently used from your co-worker's desk Step 2: Hold a piece of wax paper/thin cardboard over the opening of the cup as you invert it and place the inverted cup/mug on your co-worker's desk Step 2: Place these filled cups within close proximity to one another and around office Step 2: Make Jell-O in a mold. Once the Jell-O is slightly thickened, place the object into the Jell-O. Let the Jell-O firm. Place Jell-O encased fixtures such as desk chair, computer, mouse, and phone. Your co-worker will have a hard time gaining access to their desk without making a object on co-worker's desk Step 3: Slide the wax paper out from underneath the cup. Your co-worker will be in for a mess wet surprise when they go to move the cup 4. "DUDE...WHERE'S MY CAR?" 5. WHICH KEY? 6. COLORING TIME! Estimated prep time: 10 minutes Estimated prep time: 5 minutes Estimated prep time: 1 hour Step 1:While co-worker steps away from their desk, stealthily take their car keys Step 1: Again, take the keys Step 1: Remove all writing instruments in the office Step 2: Add a bunch of random keys to their key ring that resemble the ones they already have Step 2: Replace these instruments with a variety of colored crayons Step 2: Move your co-worker's car to a completely different parking area than where they originally parked 7. WHAT WAS THAT WORD? 8. ERH ? 9. "I BELIEVE YOU HAVE MY STAPLER" Estimated prep time: 2 minutes Estimated prep time: 5 minutes Estimated prep time: 1 hour Auto-Correction 언어 ON Step 1:Open Microsoft Word Step 1: Change the language on your co-worker's computer or phone Step 1: Swap different co-worker's desk drawers (make sure personal items aren't in them) and select the Tools tab Step 2: Open the Auto-Correct option Step 2: Choose a language that someone in the office Step 3: "Replace:" type in any commonly used word such as: and or the. "With:" type in any random (HR appropriate) word Step 2: Do this multiple times with a variety of people. The desk drawer mix-up is sure to have everyone smiling speaks so it can easily be reversed AutoCorrect AutoTest kFomak AutoComad AutoFormat A 아이폰 을 OSpow AutoCorect Optiors buttors 절벽 에서 Cyret TWe INtial CApital MCetalo firat letter of tencen Capitaloe frst letter of table gols Comect eyt Caotaloe panes of doys Comect accidentalusage of cS LOCK key Replace text as you type Whether you're watching your co-worker panic as they realize their car is missing, or laughing at them writing with crayons for an entire day, these pranks are sure to have everyone in the office smiling and creating an April Fools that will be remembered... Just watch out for next year!! Sources: Brought to you by NATIONAL PEN Your image is our business!

Top Office Pranks for April Fool's Day

shared by StaceySD on Mar 31
The infographic is titled "Office Pranks", and visually presents 9 top pranks that are workplace friendly. From moving your co-workers car to changing the language settings on their phone, these prank...


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