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ТОР 5 DUMBEST BURGLARS IN THE WORLD The first rule of Burglars' Club is don't get caught. Yet, some thieves are just so stupid they simply can't master the art of making a getaway. They get caught or at the verý least ſeave a trail of destruction behind them. These dumb burglars shouldn't have even bothered trying. 1 The Worst ATM Thieves Ever gang of robbers from Kent thought it would be a great idea to steal money from ÅTM machines using blowtorches. Yet, the only thing they successfully managed to do was set a load of cash on fire. Despite attempting to șteal from 7 cash machines they didn't come away with a single penny! A ATM The ringleader of the gang was one James Whitlock, a 27-year-old thief with no fixed abode. It turns out that Mr Whitlock was supposed to be in jail at the time, serving a 33-month sentence. He had been accidentally transferred to a low- security prison and escaped to become one of the world's worst ATM thieves. 2 The Facebook Fiend One idiot made quite the faux- pas when he broke into a home just outside of Rome, Italy. Jonathan Parker stole over £2,000 worth of jewellery. But being a typical teenager, he decided to log into his Facebook account on a computer at the home after he'd grabbed the jewels. Of course he forgot to log out and was later apprehended by the Italian police. 3 The Transparent Thief When Gareth Tilley and Jamie Neil robbed a petrol stațion in St Austell, Cornwall they showed themselves to be complete amateurs. We think the pair must have been in a rush because their disguises weren't the best in the world. Tilley hid his face with a scarf - not the best, but ok. Neil however gets the award for the worst disguise ever however. He tried to hide his face with a transparent plaştic bag. Now that's stupid! Neil and Tilley got two years in prison 4 The Clumsy Criminal A Melbourne-based thief practically gave police all the clues they needed to catch him. Just after being released from jail the man decided to go on a little robbing-spree. As he made his way through cars, homes and offices the robber dropped some key evidence along the way. First he dropped his criminal charge document in one place then a DVD of his police interview in another. D'oh! 5 The Chunky Criminal A 17 stone burglar from Devon makes the list having managed to get in quite the hole during an attempted robbery. Clive Webster tried to smash his way into a department store. But alas the hole he made for himself wasn't quite big enough and he got stuck trying to make his way into the store. Unfortunately for the burglar he had made the hole about as close to the security alarm as you could possibly get! At Webster's trial even his lawyer admitted, “Were there a school of burglary this example might be given to students on the first day to demonstrate what not to do.' Sources ALBA LOCKS


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The first rule of Burglars’ Club is don’t get caught. Yet, some thieves are just so stupid they simply can’t master the art of making a getaway. They get caught or at the very least leave a trai...


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