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The Top 10 Ways Consumers Get Ripped-Off

RIP-OFF HERE ARE TEN PRODUCTS THAT MOST OF US USE ON A WEEKLY BASIS THAT HAVE ABSURD MARKUPS: SOME RANGE TO OVER 5000%! 10 COSMETICS 9| BOTTLED WATER Make up is usually around 80-90% dirt! The other ingredients usually consist of oil and wax. People pay ridiculous amounts of money to put dirt on their Bottled water; what a ripoff! Someone decided to take one of the world's most plentiful resources and cover it with plastic and charge $3-4 a bottle! face! Global bottled water market Leading countries' consumption and compound annual growth rates Source: Beverage Marketing Corporation 2002 21,938.7 14,757.8 8,094.7 9,621.8 9,683.8 8,674.3 6,141.8 8,424.8 4,833.9 4,509.9 १6,682.1 34,273.9 130,956 2007 33,398.7 22,277.9 18,123.8 13,707.4 11,738.2 10,384.1 9,087.3 8,642.9 5,803.4 4,860.5 138,024.4 50,752.2 188,776.6 Millions of Litres 2002/07 Compound Annual Growth Rates 8.8% 8.6% 17.5% 7.3% 3.9% 3.7% 8.2% 0.5% 3.7% 1.5% 7.4% 8.2% 7.6% MATTRESSES AND FURNITURE 8 GREETING CARDS Ever notice how mattresses and furniture are always on sale? Well there's a reason for that. Furniture salesmen receive a higher commission if they sell their product at MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price); usually a minimum of 20%. If they sell at MAP (minimum advertised price) they get 7%. The markup on a greeting card is around 100-200%. Paper is cheap, but paper with some sappy writing on it is expensive. It's a retailer's dream product! 6 RESTAURANT DRINKS (WINE AND SODA) Wine has an astonishing 300-600% markup. What's even more shocking is that the average markup is even higher for soda. A 12 ounce glass of soda costs the restaurant nickels, but it is sold for dollars; and it is half filled with ice! 5 BRAND NAME CLOTHING Brand name clothiers rely on the advertising power of humans as walking billboards as well as conventional marketing strategies for the advancement of their products and the markup can be 500-1000%. 4 DIAMONDS/JEWELRY 31 GLASSES FRAMES The glittery rocks that cost a fortune are subject to volatile changes in price and high markups. (100% to up to 1000%) Jewelers thrive on the uneducated buyer, so it is wise to do research before buying to settle on a good price and product. Why A little scrap of metal costs hundreds of dollars is one of life's great mysteries.. The markup can be as high as 1000%! MOVIE THEATRE POPCORN/CANDY Concession sales only make up about 20% of total sales in movie theaters but make up to 40% of the average profit. Why? Because movie theaters need to sell overpriced food to keep ticket prices low. (Markup: 900-1200%) Prescription Drug Sticker Cost to Consumer Percent of Markup Cost of Active Ingredients Celebrex 100 mg. Claritin 10 mg Keflex 250 mg Lipitor 20 mg Norvasc 10 mg Paxil, 20 m Prevacid 30 mg 21712% 30306% 8372% 4696% 134493% $130.27. $215.17. $0.60 . $0.71 $1.88 $157.39. 1| PRESCRIPTION MEDICINE $272.37 $5.80 $188.29 $014 2898% 20707 $220.27 $7.60 $1.01 $0.52 21.00 Prevacia Prilosec 20 Fritosec Prozac 20 mg 34136% Prescription medicine tops the list of highest markups. The sky high cost of prescription medications is crippling the economy of the United States and keeping necessary medicines out of the hands of those who need it. $44.77 69417% $360.97 $247.47 $104.47 $102.37 $0.52 224973% .$0.11 $0.13 Tenormin 50 mg Vasotec 10 mg. Xanax 1mg ...- Zestril 20 mg Zithromax 600mg. Zocor 40mg .... Zoloft 50mg. B0362% 51185% $0.20 $0.02 $3.20. $18.78. -$8.63. .$1.75. 569958% 2809% $136.79 $89.89 $1,482.19. $350.27. $206.87. . 7892% . 4059% 11821% Sources: TopTenz, CBC, Individual Health Plans United States Mexico China Germany 2. Indonesia PRICE MARKUPS ASTONISHING France Thailand TOP 10 Spain Top 10 Subtotal All others World Total

The Top 10 Ways Consumers Get Ripped-Off

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Ever think you’re getting ripped off? You’re probably right. A wide range of products in the United States qualify as rip-offs. Everything from the popcorn you buy at the movies to the diamonds yo...


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