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The Top 10 Most Annoying Habits (As Chosen By You)

Journl's TOP 10 Most Annoying Habits (As Chosen By You) We asked the question, "what habits of other people annoy you the most?" You responded. Here are the top 10 most annoying habits according to an easily irritated Twitter and Facebook community. Bad Table Manners "Got to be noisy eaters - URGH! Chew like you're whispering a secret, not mouthing off down Oxford street PLEASE!!" Kerry Blueberry @blueberryheart1 00000 Spitting "Spitting in the street. It's anti-social and a health hazard. Disgusting!" Bev @bev_metallica 3 Drink Slurping "Noisy drinkers, nooooooo. I don't want to hear your slurping or ahhhhhs. Be peaceful with your sipping." Dee @Perkinz Slurp Slurp 4 Talking Over You "When people cut off what you were saying when expressing an opinion before you get to say the whole thing, happens all the time!" Laura Avery @noynoyavery Talking Loudly On The Phone "People who talk too loudly on their phones in quiet enclosed spaces! Someone did it beside me at the cinema recently. Why even go?!" Emily @milyelle 6. Being A Litter Lout "Littering! It kills animals, looks awful, ruins the environment - I've actually picked up others' litter before. Pointless laziness." Olivia @ViaEllex Bad Driving "Not indicating on roundabouts & not saying thanks when you let drivers through when it's actually your right of way...RUDE!!" Nicola Stagg @DoubleVodka21 Beep Honk Honk Beep 8 Smoking "People smoking and waving their cigarettes around so you have to dodge them to avoid being burnt." Andrew Phillips @28aphil Not Saying "“Thank You" "I hate rude people - when I hold a door open and they just walk through without saying thank you - I usually shout “YOU ARE SO WELCOME“ after them." Julie Kenny You're welcome? 10 Lateness "People who never seem to be on time for anything. Turning up late and having me waiting drives me nuts." Thomas @Snizzaman Journl The personal organizer built for real life. Sign up today for FREE and learn the simple secret to better organization. Find out more at: Attributes Burger created by Zlatko Najdenovski Litter created by SuperAtic LABS Trash Can created by Mark Shorter Van created by Simon Child Pipe created by Alex Fuller Watch created by Scott Lewis All from the Noun Project

The Top 10 Most Annoying Habits (As Chosen By You)

shared by Journl on May 17
We asked the question, "what habits of other people annoy you the most?" What a response we got. Learn what really makes people irritated in our roundup of the 10 most popular (and infuriating) responses.





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