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Summer thoughts

2012 AUGUSTTHOUGHTS 42°C 4.258 likes 62% CANNOT SWIM CONTINUE THEIR DIET 76% BUY A NEW PAIR OF FLIP FLOPS Oh yes! 68% BUILD SAND CASTLES THEY STILL DO THAT SHITI STAY IN GREECE 74% OF ALL CHILDREN WILL WEAR ARM FLOATS PLAY BEACH RACKETS PAY THEIR CREDIT CARD CHOOSE THEIR SUNBLOCK BY SPF% 35) Price An average 75 Packaging 50 designer will INCREASE YOGURT SALES BY 22%. YUMMY! CONCLUSION Sunburns WILL Yogurt SUMMER 2012 Flip flops men colour preferences SUMMER 2012 Flip flops women colour preferences HOTEL No 47 No No 46 46 No No 45 sport 45 No 43 No No national SUMMER 43 42 No No 39 41 No No 38 40 No 36 50% WALL BOTHER WOMEN& 15% BUMPS PER DAY WOMEN KIDS MEN 100 WOMEN insect 100 SUMMER insect protection SUMMER 89 0% screaming 100 insects 60 82 64 % 49 66 47 35 35 8. 17 25 20 15 % SPIDERS GRASSHOPPERS CICADAS BEES-WASPS SWATHS ROATCHES SPRAYLLA BEES WASPS GREEK PEOPLE ENJOY their coffee on the beach black 87% one sugar two sugars cinammon 43% 13% freddo capuccino black black one sugar one sugar two sugars milk 43.473 ikes two sugars Relaxing freddo espresso frappé 12.136 likes 85.289 1ikes Eating 0,30 EUROS/PER KIL0 SLEEP MORE THAN 12 HOURS PER DAY 86 27% 55% Calories PER SLICE DIET THE NEXT DAY 1 THICK 7-1/2-9-1/2 LONG 4" HIGH IN CENTER 44% EAT JUNK FOOD ALL DAY 37% 35% HAVE SEX ON THE BEACH SWIM NUDE DRINK BEER AND BEER AND MORE BEER 50% 20% 65% 52% HAVE AT LEAST 2 ICE CREAMS PER DAY GET CHUBBY 75% AND HAPPY 85% DO TOTALLY NOTHING Have a nice Summer Closed 10.08.2012 Open 04.09.2012 designcartel ermission from the designer, or the advertising agency. No part of this publication may be reproduce in any form or by Designed & developed by Sources NA 2012 PEOPLE travel PEOPLE live in MEN FLIES SPIRALS ANTS GRASSHOPPERS MOSQUITO NET ROATCHES CICADAS MOSQUITOS TABLETS Beaching Sleeping PLAY WITH THEIR KIDS 8 CHANGE EX PARTNER

Summer thoughts

shared by perialis on Aug 16
Finally we are closing for summer. What a better way to show to our clients and associates what happens every summer in Greece.Therefore we designed this infographic in order to express reality in our...


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