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Should You Accept That Friend Request?

Should I Accept That Friend Request? Who are they to you? Peer Family Other Authority Figure Which generation? Fake account for a baby or dog Mine My parents' Grandparent/older Were you previously in a romantic relationship Have they ever answered a question with "Does a bear go doody in the woods?" with them? They're cool. You're Bad idea, man. totally right. Do they have an "XO" in their Facebook URL? Did they attend the "School of Hard Knocks?" Is it immediately evident that they play Farmville and/or subscribe to a daily horoscope app? Okay, but what if-- Nuh uh. Did you go to their 11th birthday party? Have you spoken to 21st birthday party? them since then? Do they have a blog synched to their profile? Well, maybe-- NOPE. Like, a food/literature/exercise blog? Or something interesting? Depends...what's a "Calimari-Thon?" Looks like a travel blog. It's..okay. Ugh, doesn't matter. WAIT! Does their profile picture feature a political, religious, or sports icon? Um, isn't that a little closed-minded? Nope! Yeah... Do you want to hear their political, religious, or sports opinion, every single day? Carry on then. Accept I'M DOING IT! Deny Noted. Eh..leave 'em You're weak. in limbo. At least clean up your profile first. You look like a tool. Collegellumor

Should You Accept That Friend Request?

shared by Ariela on Apr 18
Who's that person that sent you the Facebook friend request and should you accept or deny their request for permission into your personal online life?




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