SEOkay Cupid: The 6 Agency Employees You Find on Tinder

SEOkay CUPID 6 AGENCY EMPLOYEES YOU FIND ON Tinder SEO Bio: I hate writing these things, but if I must... I'm a digital nomad on a quest to optimize the world; I link therefore I am. Lover of whiskey, reader of Moz, often found with face glued to an analytics screen. Firm believer that if you can't handle me at my Adwords, you don't deserve me at my rich snippets. Ideal first date: Sipping craft beers and discussing which elements of the brew rise to the top of the palate (the body's equivalent to the SERP). Best pick up line: A rabid pack of pandas couldn't keep me away from you. Reason it won't work out: Your relationship didn't advance each other's domain authority. CONTENT Bio: Blush. I'm not much for going out; on a typical Friday, you can find me curled up on the couch with a nice glass of red wine, a trusty book, and my tabby cat, Nancy Drew. Raised on a healthy diet of crosswords and green tea, I firmly believe that the best stories originate in the most unlikely places. Ideal first date: Meeting up for vanilla soy lattes, stopping by a pop-up art gallery, and exchanging hand written love notes at the end of the night (grammar will be reviewed extensively). Best pick up line: I'd catch you in the rye. Reason why it won't work out: You two don't see eye-to-eye on the Oxford comma. DESIGN Bio: You'll never find me without my Beats by Dre headphones. A dreamer and a doer who believes in coloring outside the lines (within aesthetic reason). When I'm not camped out behind my Macbook, I'm working toward achieving yogi bliss, playing guitar, or working on my graphic novel (coming to a store near you April 2017). Ideal first date: Trying something new! Ideally, singing at a karaoke bar, attending a painting class that serves wine, or taking a dance lesson. Best pick up line: I'd love to know the hex code of your eyes. Reason it won't work out: You can't stop arguing about whether band tees with leather jackets are ironic or not. SOCIAL MEDIA Bio: Personal philosophy: Live, laugh, love. (heart eye emoji) I know I'm #Worthlt. Looking for a lover who can also be my best friend. Need a man who's OK with me tweeting about our dating life (have had relationships end over this before -live and learn-). You can see what I'm up to on Twitter @XoSassyGal9952 or Instagram @HoneyBunches178. Ideal first date: Dressing up for a night of raspberry chocolate martinis, clubbing 'til the sun comes up, and documenting every minute of it for the World Wide Web. Best pick up line: I'd retweet you in front of all my followers. Reason it won't work out: A photo was posted without a filter. HUMAN RESOURCES Bio: Likes: honesty, cold ginger ale, and a good ballpoint pen. Dislikes: Daniel Tosh, confrontation, rap music. Proud owner of a two-year-old Weimaraner (Todd). You can find me volunteering at the local animal shelter, training for marathons, or coming up with new and improved ways to cook kale. Ideal first date: Heading out to the golf course for a relaxing afternoon on the greens. Enjoying a fresh Cobb salad (dressing on the side) at the country club, then wrapping up the evening at Starbucks by ordering a decaf caramel Frappuccino. Best pick up line: I'm going to have to report you for workplace harassment, article #210: Being too sexy in public. Reason it won't work out: It's revealed that someone hasn't been investing in their 401k, and you begin to disagree on the relationship's benefits. FINANCE Bio: Penny pincher extraordinaire with a penchant for fashion. I run a women's finance blog, "A Chic Girl's Guide to Dollars and Sense," where I focus on ways to look put together without tossing out frugality. Some people call me a workaholic, but I say I'm building my perfect future. When I'm not growing my nest egg, you can find me at home with my Shih-poo, Priscilla, hiking with my former sorority sisters, or binge watching FRIENDS on Netflix (spoiler: I'm a Monica). Ideal first date: Strolling through local museums and trying to guess how much each piece would cost, then calculating how long it will take us as a couple to save up for said piece. Best pick up line: You've got nice assets. Reason it won't work out: You don't agree on how to split the check, and someone needs too much help doing their taxes. PACIFIC,

SEOkay Cupid: The 6 Agency Employees You Find on Tinder

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Working in digital marketing can be a time consuming business. Meeting deadlines, handling last minute client requests, and trying to learn emerging technologies can turn an eight hour day into a 12 h...


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