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seLFie-CENSORED XXXX XXXXXXXX Uh-ohs, X-natings, and Regrets in the World of Selfies "Selfie" was the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year for 2013, and it's not hard to see why. Selfies have become an essential tool for self-expression throughout social media, across the web, and around the world. That's why PicMonkey, a popular online photo editor, commissioned a study in December 2013 to probe American adults about the selfies they've posted online – and the selfies they wish they'd kept to themselves. Here's what they found out. MEN ARE StealiNG CHe SHOW As it turns out, men love sharing their selfies even more than women do – that Is, until the selfie hangover hits. 47% 80% of U.S. adults have of people who have ever taken a selfie taken a selfie have shared It publicly 26% of people who have publicly shared a selfie have regretted it later, including: 31% 21% Of men Of women Surprisingly. the men who share most aren't millennials: OF EHOSE WHO Have taken a selfie: ÄÄÄÄÄ Compared to 93% of men aged 35-44 have shared a selfie publicly 18% an of women aged 35-44 90% OF 18-34 YeaR OLDS Ladies most likely to share a selfie" THE SOUEH Takes tHE cake The content of yourn selfies may just depend on where you're from. 32% of Southerners who have publicly shared a selfie have regretted it later Compared to: 29% 20% 20% in the West in the Northeast in the Midwest Regional differences ofer insight into negret SOUEHERNERS ARE MOST Likely to: MIDwesteRNERS aRE Least Likely to: Take selfies: Take selfies: 49% 41% Among least likely to take X-rated selfies: Take X-rated selfles: XXX 26% XXX 18 admit to doing so admit to doing so westeRNeRS: Tied for most likely to take a selfie: UOy Yet the least likely of all to take an X-rated selfie: XXx 17% Only 1 iN 2 AMERICANS who take selfies say their photos ane always G-nated THE ESTABLISHMENE ENtERS tHe FRAY OK, duh, we all know the youngsters invented selfies and can make – ahem – poor decisions about what to share. But who else is cheesing for the world to see? Their moms and dads! YOLO Surprisingly. 40% OF tOP EARNERS ($100K-) Have taken a seLfie Top earners are just as likely to take X-rated selfies as the rest of the population, with 21% admitting to doing so In fact, 14% of top earners say more than 1 in 10 of their selfies are x-rated, compared to 11% of general population Parents with children younger than 18 in the household are even more likely than the general populace to have taken an X-rated photo 26% admit to doing so Now, it's your turn. Go make a splash on the selfie scene in 2014. Check out Source: PicMonkey, commissioned survey OPicMonkey


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PicMonkey hired an outside polling agency to ask American adults for the straight dope: who's taking selfies, who's sharing them, and what happens they do? The results are juicy!!!




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