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The Science of Beer Goggles

THE Science, of - BEER GOGGLES SYMMETRY ATTRACTION A symmetrical face is seen as a sign of good genes & good health. Scientists have to be tied to long known Studies show that drunk people find it more difficult to tell if a face is symmetrical Even low doses of OO ALCOHOL OF BEER: BEER GOGGLES IT TAKES AS LITTLE AS A PINT AND A HALF INCREASES SELF-CONFIDENCE SEXUAL DESIRE SOCIABILITY но NH, THE PREFRONTAL CORTEX is responsible for control of impulses но dopamine GABA* H2N. но *gamma-Aminobufyric acid dis in-hi-bi-tion (dsn-h-bshn, -n-, ds-n-) n Loss of inhibition, as through the influence of external stimuli such as drugs or alcohol, or as a result of brain damage. GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, makes it so the post-synaptic neuron cannot release a signal. THE MORE YOU DRINK, the more that little voice of reason disappears. HOW DRUNK? THE BAC* SCALE *Blood Alcohol Content Higher the BAC the more confidence, after.10 BAC, you start to become'that guy' that nobody likes. .01 - .06 .06 -.10 .11- .20 .21 - .29 .30 - .39 =>.40 хх Relaxation Lowered Inhibition Lowered Alertness Blunted Feelings Disinhibition Over-Expression Emotional Swings Stupor Lose Understanding Severe Depression Unconsciousness Unconscious Death Extroversion Joyous Impaired: Sexual Pleasure Impaired: Reflexes Depth Perception Peripherals Impaired: Sensations Severe Motor Control Memory Blackout Impaired: Consciousness Bladder Function Impaired: Coordination Gross Motor Control Staggering Slurred Speech Breathing Heart Rate Vision Glare Recovery SPEAKING OF SEX Increased alcohol use results in a lesser ability to achieve orgasm. In Men: Difficult to maintain an erection For Women: Lack of natural lubrication BEER GOGGLES CAN LEAD TO BAG ON HER FACE ONE BAGGER TAKING HOME A BUTTERFACE: SHE WAS FINE BUT-HER-FACE BAG ON HER FACE AND BAG ON YOURS IN CASE HERS FALLS OFF TWO BAGGER MOPED: FUN TO RIDE, BUT EMBARRASSING IF YOU'RE SEEN WITH ONE WAKE UP SO ASHAMED YOU WOULD RATHER GNAW OFF YOUR ARM SHES SLEEPING ON THAN WAKE HER COYOTE UGLY LATER GNAW OFF THE OTHER ARM BECAUSE SHE'S LOOKING FOR A ONE ARMED MAN DOUBLE COYOTE UGLY CONFUSED? CHECK IT OUT IN URBAN DICTIONARY. ONE NIGHT STAND THE MORNING AFTER POSITIVE FEELINGS NEGATIVE FEELINGS BEER GOGGLES 20% 46% 54% 80% "Beer Goggles“ wore off more quickly for "REGRET AT BEING USED" "HORRIFIED AFTERWARD" women, while men still felt the affects the morning after. "I FELT CHEAP" only presented by: DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING 16% of couples met in a bar. CD

The Science of Beer Goggles

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Beer goggles. We've all worn them at one point in time or another. Read all about the science of beer goggles.



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