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The real cost of hotel remote controls

A recent survey calculated that the UK has over 708,000 hotel rooms. It's a fair assumption that each of these rooms has a television and an even fairer assumption that each room has a remote control to go with said TV. Reception will be the first to feel the fury when angry guest, tired after a busy day, settles down to watch The X Factor, only to discover the remote is missing. It makes for some interesting reading when you look at how these useful devices, costing around £25 to replace, are often taken for granted yet actually cost the UK hotel industry an enormous amount of money. Purchasing Managers take note, we are about to shock you with. THE REAL COST OF A HOTEL REMOTE CONTROL 7% OF ALL HOTEL REMOTE CONTROLS GET STOLEN OR ARE 'ACCIDENTALLY'PACKED IN GUESTS CASES WHEN THEY LEAVE 49,560 WILL GROW LEGS Based on average room rate surveys, that's as good as saying goodbye to AND CHECK OUT R.I.P BY 12 NOON 9,530 NIGHTS COSTING UK HOTELS £1,239,000 Come on, how does a remote control find its way into the 4% laundry basket? Well hotel guests are not known for making their beds in the morning, instead tending to leave them all £708,000 WILL END UP IN scrunched up and piled on top of the mattress. Many guests enjoy a spot of TV in bed before going to sleep and many THE LAUNDRY leave the remote en the bed as they doze off. 8 hours of DOWN THE DRAIN OR wiggling snoring and dribbling later, the remote is now hidden in there somewhere and forgotten about. Enter the cleaning teams who bundle up the bedding and shove it in the basket. So until someone invents the waterproof remote control, or hotel laundry services go back to hand washing the remote is no more. MEANING 28,320 5,446 VACANT ROOMS MEETING A SOAPY END VACANCES 2% GET SAT ON, STOOD ON, LIQUÍD SPILT ON THEM, FALL OFF THE BALCONY, END UP IN THE SHOWER OR FALL INTO THE TOILET BREAKING THE BANK AT £354,000 14,160 OR SIMPLY THROWING AWAY WILL END UP IN THE BIN 2,723. NIGHTS And remember to take into account that the remote 8% HAVE THEIR BATTERIES REMOVED That's right, just the batteries often manage to find their way into guests pockets. Some people may not go so far as to walk off with the whole remote, but decide a couple of AAAbatteries could come in handy and help themselves. Okay batteries are not exactly going to break the bank but it means hotels will need to keep a few spare boxes about just in LOSING THE INDUSTRY controls you need to buy to replace the ones that are stolen, lost or broken, may not come with any batteries. £34,014 WHICH IS THE SAME AS 261 case because during the year. LOST NIGHTS 113,280 WILL SIMPLY FLY OUT THE DOOR Now you see the problem. In fact, you already knew the problem, many of you were the ones who told us about them in the first place. Fortunately this sa problem that we have the prefect solution for. As a leading provider of replacement remote controls for over 35 years, TW Electronics can supply you with a high quality remote control, branded with your logo, batteries fitted and with only the operational keys you need, which means they are less likey to get taken' (who wants to steal a remete with your hotel name on it and no live pause). ELECTRONICS UK Office: Tel: +44 (0) 1635 278585 With low production runs, fast delivery and all at a lower cost than an original, we're becoming the suppliers of choice to both big and small heteliers throughout Europe. Call us, we'll save you time and money. European Office: Tel: +33 (0) 680 40 0817 Sources: Hatel noom supply. Hotel Analysts supply in the UK MGCL/TRI Hopitality Catring suney ( Average noom rate of E130 fon data avalable for 03, 2013 ( Battmies Price baseden branded 10 padk avalable in bulk puchase September 2004 (www.aman.couk) In partnershio with OHSUNG ELECTRONICS CO. LTD

The real cost of hotel remote controls

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A recent survey calculated that the UK has over 708,000 hotel rooms. It’s a fair assumption that each of these rooms has a television and an even fairer assumption that each room has a remote contro...


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