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Psychological Disorders based on Sesame Street Characters [Infographic]

123 SESAME STREET DISORDERS is brought to you today by Ernie Insomnia, ADD -Difficulty falling asleep -Inability to focus or be still -Short attention span SESAME STREET on Bert Asperger's Syndrome -Prefers to be alone and to not be bothered -Shows no enjoyment in humor -Unusual obsessesions (pigeons, paper clips, etc.) -Difficulty managing anger Big Schizophrenia Bird -Frequent delusions and hallucinations -Shows symptoms of depression -Has imaginary friends Depression -Low self-esteem -Lethargic, slow-moving -Sad and gloomy -Narcoleptic Snuffy ELMO Woskd Narcissistic Personality Disorder -Very high self-esteem -Speaks in third-person (Dissociative Identity Disorder) -Believes the world revolves around him (Elmo's World) Elmo -Selfish Cookie Monster Binge Eating Disorder -Low self control -Binge eater -Habit of eating things with no nutritional value, including non-food items Grover Megalomania -Delusional -Inflated sense of self-esteem --Believes he has special powers, talents or abilities Oscar Compulsive Hoarding -Collects items that have no value (i.e. trash) -Afraid to leave his home (Agoraphobia) -Poor sanitation and personal hygiene Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Count -Compulsive need to count everything around him Multiple Personality Disorder -Dual personalities -Sudden behavioral changes Two-Headed Monster Sen On

Psychological Disorders based on Sesame Street Characters [Infographic]

shared by infographicplace on Aug 03
Not only was the program educational but you developed a bond and a connection to the characters as they pretty much reflected every race, world event, lifestyle and challenges we all face (physically...




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