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Pentagon's Craziest PowerPoint Slide Revealed

DAU Version 54 15 June 2010 DoD Decision Support Systems Eegive nteration Integrated Defense Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Life Cycle Management System Tis chart i aom ald for Defense Acquon veity student. provideational tion ef intertacesmang themaar Following the Materiel Development Decision, the Milestone Decision Authority may authorize entry into the acquisition process at any point, consistent with phase-specific entrance criteria and statutory requirements and edweponytem for atienal detene Def oncomplepreces - Materiel Solution Analysis Phase + -Production & Deployment Phase Achieve operational capability that satiafies mission needs. Lowrate inal production imited deployment for software intensive systems with no development hardeare and rate production l deployment for softeare intensive systems. Deliver y fanded quantity ef aytemi and erting material and services for program or increment ser Technology Development Phase Operations & Support Phase Engineering & Manufacturing Development Phase Develop asyatem or increment of capability: complete syatem integration, develop alfordable and eecutable manufacturing precess: ক e alfordabliy protect eritical program information and demonstrate system ntegration Interopeabiy, salety, and uty. Complete Analysis of Aernatives to asser Erecute support program that meets materiel readiness and operational ert perfmance requirements and tains atem in most costeftetve manner Reduce ec rik, determine and mature appropriate set of technologies te integrate inte Censider commerialenheshelf and solutions om b arge and small business enly matel selution apaty need Complete Technolegy Develepment Stratrgy ordable pregram or increment of milary use cpablity, demonstrate techney in relevant envrenment and denity and assess manufecturing risks Provide for hwe or more cem producing prototypes ef systm andior key system elements prior to or threugh Mestone MS MS MS Integrated System Design System Capability & Manufacturing Process Demonstration pesing a A Full-Rate Production/Deployment Overlape Preduveten and Deployment Phase. MDD Post- CDRA Low-Rate Initial Production Life Cycle Sustainment Disposal -Decision Points/Milestones ioc- -- -- - - - fo CE System Threat Assessmet FOC <- - - - DRL System Threat Assessment wenin ra tionand Deve StemAr s Joint Capabilities Integration & Development System Selecevely Apeded Opertions Conpte Cantf Oper Conof Cperation d d arved co0 A CPD r each intremeet of evolutionary acquisition ien rchtechure Anhecure (need-driven) Initiate Evolutionary Acquisition Strategy Evolutionary Acquisition Strategy Exit Criteria MDA ADM Met TRA APRl CriteriaDA MDA DARI ADM APB Criteria WAn MDA Met AD ADM AAO PSR APB Crieria ADM ADM - Increment 3 Oversight Eter Technology Development strategy (10 Acquision Total Life Cycle Systems Review TLCSM AoA Stud Plan DraatRIE AoA eting ddp P lectionRFPASource Lran Pa Proposal Selection AaSelection PAH Plan opesal Selection Ara Source Aca alectionREP ource Pan Plan Preposa Belection Ace Source Selection RFPA ource Plan rops lelection Contracting Study PostProduton SeteareSupport Contracte Technoloyy. Developmant Contract Engineering & Manufacturing Development Contract Production Contract LRIP Cotra ange Contract Mgea (hanget IBR EVM EVM Surveilance IBR EVM EVM Sustainment Contracts Major Products Production Representative Articles Low-Rate Initial Production Systems Full-Rate * Production Alternative Materiel Solutiens Materiel Solution System Prototypes Product Base Final Product hitial Prototypes Product Systems Product SupportPBL Management Product Support Package POL Implementation trode y Ch Product Suppert Plan Demenstrate Product Suppert Capability Opetations and ustainment Logistics/ Sustainment Evaluate Preduuct Support Capabiities Intiate Product Support BCA Define Greund esA ti Supportahi PA Modicationa Ciguren Contr FRP DR MDD Post-CDR A Performance-Based Logistics (PBL) Strategy e Producti Quaition NPUTS OUTPUTS OUTPUTS PreOC and Post OC epertabty Assente AOTH OTRR Defense yteEngieerng Disposal FOTAE Fuup System Level LTE Acquisition System (event-driven) LUITC Jint ereperabi ASR INPUTE TreneComy Ver Detined Uer Needs na System A Cro SEP TE Technical Systems Engineering Test and Evaluation Supportability Ter per dystn atyAnly EyslenFuctonel SAJ Cenont Verity aCentraintSe Rev Analy Deficie Servie e . egrated y Cence O ana r En Pertomancpece predyt Veteon Camive Aen EnbinyCricl Cod Bu Process Change Operationsaintenance Suppert Materiel Change HardwareProduct Support Pacage Fuedie Devel MSA Phase Fully funded Ful Funding Manpower Estimate (MOAP Economic Anyl MAIS In PYDP Mangowe ate MOAP Economie AnalysMAI Financial CARD CCE CCP ICE Asessmen CARD CCE CPICE Affordability Assessment Management CARD Cce E CCP ICE Affordability CARD CCE CP ICE Cost Estimation Methods Parametric Actual Costs Analogy Engineering Types of Funds RDTSE - Advanced Technology Development ROT&E - Advanced Component Development and Prototypes RDTSE - Systems Development & Demonstration Procurement Operations and Maintenance RDTAE - Management & Support PMO Budget Estimate Appropriated Funds To Support Contracts Planning, Programming, Budgeting & Execution Military Departments and Defense Agencies POM/Budget Formulation POMBudget Submit DoD Testimony DeD Appeals ...........----------*- ....... Allocation Defense Planning & Programming Guidance ---------- National Military Office of the Secretary of Defense and Joint Staff Reram/udget Decisions MBI DoD Budget Apportionment FYDP updated Process (annual- calendar-driven) Nanional Defense Strategy August - November November updated .....-------y Budget Committees Authorization Committees Appropriation Committees Authorization Aperopriation White National Security Strategy National rategy Oeum eed ear Fiscal Guidance Congressional Budget Process February-Seetember House March Faraingle cy mis chart, end st to dpun n Auors Chuck Cochrane and Brad Brn Send ecommendatienato imprevethe content ot is chat te atchangd

Pentagon's Craziest PowerPoint Slide Revealed

shared by rmmojado on Jan 28
All of the complexity of the Afghan conflict — and all of the bureaucracy NATO used to manage the counterinsurgency effort — was summed up by a single spaghetti monster of a PowerPoint slide. “W...



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