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Nuts and Bolts of Chart Types

Nuts and Bolts of Chart Types HISTOGRAM BAR CHART Chart used by responsible analysts who understand the power of segmentation and the sadness that comes from aggregating data. Safe choice. But make sure you read Stephen Few before you show the chart to your boss, it will increase the probability of getting a raise. Created by titil PIE CHART LINE CHART AREA CHART Extremely useful when creating a well designed document that is intended to people that will not read the data (e.g. management) Useful to show trends, especially upwards (for downwards trends people tend to use more obscure charts, like the waterfall chart, see below) Please don't use this chart, I beg you! And please buy one of Tufte books. BUBBLE CHART RADAR CHART WATERFALL CHART If you manage to extract insights from this graph your name is Hans Rosling. If you want to build a complex model around which you have done a ton of research, that's your choice (but only PhDs will understand you). Perfect if you want to hide information or misguide other people. Seriously, can you trust a chart that is also known as a "Flying Bricks Chart" or "Mario Chart"? No. TREE MAP SCATTERPLOT BOX PLOT I have seen trees and I have seen maps, but how exactly this map is a combination of both? If you use it, good for you. Very useful to find outliers, just like the people that commonly create them: human beings that finished their PhD in math by the age of 16. This one is for pros. If you use it successfully, you will get a seat in heaven between Ronald Fisher and Johann Cart Friedrich Gauss.

Nuts and Bolts of Chart Types

shared by Anonymous (not verified) on Dec 11
The infographic below provides a quick list of the types of charts that are available for analysts/marketers out there. I do not intend to provide a comprehensive list, neither an accurate explanation...


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