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My Farewell Infographic to MyWebGrocer

REASONS WHY NICHOLE LEAVI NG MYWEBGROCER Yes, the rumors are true, I'll be leaving MyWebGrocer on Friday, January 25th. Why? Here are some reasons you may have heard through the rumor mill. DR. MICHAEL COOD I've been diagnosed with “Kanye Westitis" and now cannot stop interrupting others. The only cure is solitary confinement. R Solitary Comfinement CMEGA MILLION I won the lottery playing the numbers from LOST, bought a yacht and will now spend my days singing "I'm On A Boat". 04 08 15 10 23 FRI HAR30 12 alotte I'm opening a Tamagotchi daycare. Someone has to care for those digital pets! Zlagwerts School of NDitckenaft and Wardry Adult Contiming Cducation Dar Ms Magoon, W are pleased to inform you that you kave been acceptad at lagwarts School af Witcher and Wiuandry, Adult Contiming Cducation. leuse find enclesed e list of all secessary bas I'm becoming a stay at home mom to my two cats. and epuipment. The semster term begins Februery 1 We anail your enl by no later than Jeary 21. Yours sincerely, Mineroe MeGonagali Deputy Headmistreas I was accepted into Hogwarts' newest adult continuing education I bought a Groupon for a covered wagon and am now going to travel the Oregon Trail. program. Oer ands. G WONKA'S Covered Wagon Travel on the Oregon Trail in stylet GOLDEN TICKET GREETINGS TO YOU, THE LECKY FINDER OF THIS I found a golden ticket in my candy bar and am preparing to inherit a chocolate factory. O $99 Buy! GOLDEN TICKET FRON NR. VILLY VONEAL IN THE MORINDEATVE FACTORYGATESA TE TOU MAYBINIBATOF OCTORER AND DOCOCK EEEAN *NYAMILY AND ONLYON KOONE MEMER OF TO waeela SURPRISES thet ee YOL Over 1.000 bought Limited quany avale The deal is ont Unleash your life force. Detery oted di My fortune cookie said "“Unleash your life force" so I'm taking that as my sign to become a Jedi. Burlington I'm starting a company called MyWebToaster, a web company that provides software for online ordering & toast delivery. Mnder, Jeey 21, 2011 WT Unicycle Shop Unveils Wor uning In a s nton local unicycle, Megoon sid TOASTER tum of get the hang events, Nichole Magoon quat her "Sol figured, why not just job at MyWebGrocer an Winooska VT to open might make it easier" She Vermont's fust unicycle shop Additionally. the whel provides additional shop is set to unveil the balance andsupport, wold's fust two-wheeled allowring those "unicycle" add another wheel That found that adding the extra inclined to be able to Send Aadh A See Drat sping- Carol Teilemagoon Pan Text I'm opening a unicycle shop that will sell the world's first two wheeled unicycle. Stect REAPPROVED PAYMENT CLAIMS ye gtsignal we recelved from Bank of America/Bank of E Develepment Bank and African Development Bank concerning your payment they have with us, be informed now that your pyment will now be effected from any of our aceredited paying institution Dear Madam reserve discovered from the records of which have been delaved by many officials and some I have a good feeling about the Nigerian prince I've been e-mailing. As soon as the check I sent him clears and he's out of Durine the apdiing and vetting of vour files i outstanding transfer's due for peyme yor fond. In the light of the outeome of the board of your agents from the source of origin of director's their paymentander which has been delayed. be informed that your name is among the list to receive gfew days back, trouble, we're getting married. The real reason: I've accepted a position at Champlain College as the new Digital Community Manager. A big thank-you to everyone for making my 2.5 years here a great experience, please keep in touch! 1878 CHAMPLAIN COLLEGE Nichole Magoon @nicholemagoon [email protected]

My Farewell Infographic to MyWebGrocer

shared by nicholemagoon on Jan 22
A fun infographic I created to send around work confirming my departure from MyWebGrocer and announcing my new position at Champlain College in Burlington, VT.


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