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The Most Dodgy Insurance Claims

She Mast DODGY INSURANCE CLAIMS of Al Fime INSURANCE CLAIM INSURANCE CLAIM .... WHO Woman with diamond earring WHO Ahmad Akhtary CERTIFICATE OF DEATH LOCATION POLICY AMOUNT Minnesota, USA £300,000 INSURANCE TYPE INSURER INSURANCE TYPE INSURER Home Mound Prairie Mutual Life Norwich Union Insurance Company CLAIM Akhtary acquired a forged death certificate from Afghanistan claiming he had died from head trauma. While his wife filed a claim for the £300,000, Akhtary continued to live openly in Gloucester and made regular visits to his GP. After his fingerprints were found on the death certificate, the couple were sentenced to jail for nine months. The policy was never paid. CLAIM A woman's pet goose grabbed a diamond earring with its beak and swallowed it before the woman could intervene. The woman searched through the goose's droppings for two weeks but found nothing. The insurer told the woman to kill the goose and dissect it to find the earring but the woman could not bring herself to do it. One day the goose flew away, and that was the end of that. NO CLAIM PAID? NO CLAIM PAID? INSURANCE CLAIM INSURANCE CLAIM WHO "Canoe Man" John Darwin WHO A Farmer POLICY AMOUNT INSURANCE TYPE £680,000 Motor INSURANCE TYPE INSURER CLAIM Life Unknown While returning to his car from a plant nursery a man saw a camel kick his car, leaving a sizeable dent. Fortunately, the bizarre event was caught on film and the insurer paid up. SCAM Darwin, who claimed he was worth more dead than alive, faked his death by paddling into the sea in a canoe on a stormy day. He came directly back to shore where his wife picked him up. Darwin camped by the beach and grew a beard so that friends would not recognise him. After collecting on the policy, Darwin and his wife eventually moved to Panama for six years. He finally turned up and claimed he had no recollection of the time since his disappearance - that is until a photo was found of him and his wife buying a house in Panama. YES CLAIM PAID? INSURANCE CLAIM WHO NO Man with boxer shorts CLAIM PAID? INSURANCE TYPE INSURER Home AA CLAIM INSURANCE CLAIM A man dried his boxer shorts by hanging them in front of a gas fire. The man went out to buy a newspaper and upon returning he realised he no longer had his keys. He finally got inside, only to HELLO MY NAME IS WHO Emmanouil Parisis Neil Mclaren find that his boxers had burned and caused smoke damage to the interior of the house. LOCATION YES Barnstaple, Devon CLAIM PAID? POLICY AMOUNT £1.85 million (15 different policies) SCAM Devon-based dentist Parisis had documents INSURANCE CLAIM forged which claimed he died in a car accident in Amman, Jordan. After changing his name to Neil McLaren he moved to Aberdeenshire. Meanwhile, his wife submitted claims on 15 different insurance policies. Parisis/McLaren was recently sentenced to five years in prison. WHO Young British traveller LOCATION Greece INSURANCE TYPE NO CLAIM PAID? Travel CLAIM The traveller was walking down the street when a group of women in bikinis caught his attention. But his distraction proved disastrous. He walked into a bus shelter and broke his nose. INSURANCE CLAIM WHO YES CLAIM PAID? Newlyweds LOCATION Caribbean INSURANCE TYPE INSURANCE CLAIM Travel WHO CLAIM British family A destination wedding went awry when the barbeque set the bride's gown on fire. In a desperate move to save her, the groom quickly picked up his wife and not-so-gently dropped her in the sea. Their outfits were both ruined. LOCATION Wales INSURANCE TYPE YES Travel CLAIM PAID? CLAIM A stray parachutist landed on the family's camping pitch and destroyed their gear. The family not only lost their gear but their insurance claim too. NO CLAIM PAID? Sources:,,,,

The Most Dodgy Insurance Claims

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Most who claim from their insurance have a genuine reason to do so. However, there are a few who attempt to pull a fast one, and there are those whose stories are so ridiculous they must be true. We f...



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