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Left/Write A loosely scientific tour of handedness. About 90% of the world's population is right-handed. About 10% of the wortd's population is not. Asia A Africa 11% 9% 9% 8% 8% Why isn't handedness split 50/50? What makes a person right- or left-handed? Human evolution favors cooperation over competition, according to Northwestern University research. No one knows for sure, but researchers believe that brain asymmetry and genetics are involved. Right-handed people generally turn out to perform language activities on the left side of the brain: We live in a right-handed world, which promotes same-handedness and, by extension, better cooperation. While some left-handers display right-brain language dominance, many more perform language activity across both hemispheres: But humans can also be competitive, so a unique, minority characteristic such as left-handedness can be advantageous. Some researchers believe that left-handedness is an inherited trait. Lefties have rights too: Left-handed bias has been a global phenomenon for centuries "lyft" Anglo-saxon weak, broken "gauche" French clumsy "siniestra"/"sinistra" Spanish/Italian sinister, evil US classrooms no longer force left-handed students to switch hands. Recent surveys in Asia, however, find that the practice still exists. In 2007, nearly 60% of Taiwanese left-handers studied had undergone switching. In Japan, only 0.7% of students studied were left-handed. Other studies link forced conversions to stuttering, speech impediments, dyslexia and other learning disorders. Right-handed desks Spiral notebooks Some of the WORST THINGS about living in a right-handed world Lead/ink smearing Bad hand posture Sources: --MinorCorrectionsFeb2005.pdf South America North America ustralasia/Pacific Europe "left" also means


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Left/Write: A loosely scientific tour of handedness - created January 2013




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