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The Jedi Trainer's Guide to Employee Management

THE JEDI TRAINER'S GUIDE TO EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT Serious skill is required to navigate the galactic asteroid fields of employee management. JEDI BEWARE! There are five trials all Padawan Managers, aka Jedi Mangers-in-training, must face: Whether you've already mastered the art of the Jedi mind trick-or your em- ployees would sooner follow instruc- tions from a Wookie there are specific ways in which your management skills can benefit from the ancient trials of Jedi training. Not for the faint of heart, these five Jedi Trials will require strict adherence to the Jedi code and a will- ingness to stretch yourself to the limits. SKILL INSIGHT FLESH COURAGE SPIRIT TRIAL OF SKILL "Delegation skill have you must" REASON FOR TRIAL: SKILL TRAINING: Before a true manager can be success- Delegation takes a great amount of ful, he or she must learn the ultimate skill self-discipline. Like a true Jedi, a of delegation. If this skill is not adopted early on in a manager's career, he/she may experience extreme exhaustion and anxiety trying to take on more work that can be completed. manager must sacrifice himself in order to fully master the art of del- egation. This is largely a trial-and- error experiment: a manager must perfectly balance the task of execut- ing his/her ow while relying on subor- dinates to execute theirs. Depending on the willingness of the student to be flexible and try new methods, training may take mere months to many years. RESULT: After passing the Trial of Skill, a man- ager will be proficient in delegation, will not be overworked, and will have good rapport with his/her entire team. TRIAL INSIGHT OF "Insight must you have to communicate effectively" INSIGHT TRAINING: A manager must ask multiple ques- tions in order to properly evaluate the REASON FOR TRIAL: Perhaps the single most important habit of a manager is that of clear and concise real issue at hand, as well as the true personas of his/her employees. Just like the Jedi, this may require calling a communication. But to communicate effectively, a manager must first under- stand each and every situation she/he is dealing with. Identifying the real issue often requires seeing through the prover- council meeting in order to illuminate pressing issues and effectively com- municate potential solutions. bial smoke and mirrors. RESULT: A manager proficient in the skills of insight will be able to identify issues, identify solutions, and effectively communicate the solu- tions to those who can help resolve them. TRIAL FLESH "To face the loneliness and pain of management, much endurance you require" OF REASON FOR TRIAL: In this brutal trial, the Jedi were sub- jected to the pains of torture, blood loss, and burning, which often left ENDURANCE TRAINING: This trial is undertaken in the trenches of battle. Managers must walk through flames each day, but they must not be consumed by it; rather, they must allow themselves to deep scars and sometimes even dis- memberment. Enduring pain is key be shaped and molded by it, like a saber forged in the fire. for both the Jedi and the manager. The role of manager is often a lonely one, and he or she must be able to RESULT: endure the pains of extreme frustra- tion, long hours, and pressure from A manager that has gone through this trial willbe able to not only endure the hardships of manage- above on their own. ment, but will also be able to fight each day with strength and confi- dence in his/her ability to keep executing. TRIAL OF COURAGE "Hand-in-hand do courage and discipline travel" REASON FOR TRIAL: COURAGE TRAINING: The Trial of Courage corresponds to Courage training requires a manager to face unknown challenges head-on in an uncontrolled environment. Only all areas of management training, but is especially applicable to the art of discipline. Learning how to disci- pline is a must for all managers, for at any point their employees may attempt to take advantage of them. Responding with disciplinary action takes heart and courage. those with whom the force is strong will survive this trial. Do t lose heart, but seek those who have sur- vived this training, as their wisdom and experience are tried-and-true. RESULT: A manager who passes the Trial of Courage will not back down from conflict, but rather will face them head-on, trusting that wisdom and integrity will guide him/her. TRIAL OF SPIRIT "The darkness in your heart must you face until confidence you embrace" REASON FOR TRIAL: SPIRIT TRAINING: A manager with no confidence will always fail to instill confidence in his/her employees. A team with no confidence is a team destined for defeat. But before a manager can Self-examination, or "facing the mirror," is the Jedi's path to lasting confidence. Managers should take the lead of the Jedi by identifying and destroying all areas lacking truly be confident in his/her own abilities to lead, he/she must face the most nefarious enemy of all: the soul, confidence in their own hearts. RESULT: The Trial of Spirit is often long and gruelling, but will result in ultimate confidence in the end. A manager's confidence breeds confidence in his/her employees, and confidence is one of the keys to success. Resources

The Jedi Trainer's Guide to Employee Management

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Serious skill is required to navigate the galactic asteroid fields of employee management. Whether you’ve mastered the art of the Jedi Mind Trick — or your employees would sooner follow instructio...



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