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IT Crowd T-Shirts

Foy's T-shirts The IT Croud Video Games 10 POINTS S1E2 The Space Invaders shirt is also featured in the opening credits THE SUN IS TRYING TO KILL ME Referencing gamers aversion to going outside S2E5 The back of this shirt says "Guns don't kill people, magic missiles kill people." S2E6 53E6 The cake is a lie The cake is a lie Ehe cake is a lie PacMan shirts 53E1 Referring to empty promises of cake in Valve's game, Portal S1E4 Think Geek Style Shirts OMFG Ontarios Mega Finance Group 54E4 An actual financial group in Canada I See Dumb People meh. S2E2 52E3 Nothing Is any good If other people Ilike It NO. 53E6 54E1 I don't work here. I read your e-mall. 54E2 54E6 Technology & The Internet S2E1, S2E5, 54E2 Referencing the term Senator Ted Stevens A SEIES o TURCS coined to describe the 53E3 internet. Here we have literally a series of tubes. S2ES HOME TARING ISKILINGIMUSIC Undo on a MAC 54E1 ABOUT S2E1 54E4 Read The F***ing Manual RTFM S1E1 GAME OVER A geeky farewell to a legendary meme 54E3 ROFL A reference to Australian entertainer Rolf Harris and internet short-hand for 54E2 Rolling on the Floor Laughing. 01/31/07 Movies, TV and Books NEVER FORGET SZE5 Tribute to the guerrilla style promotion of The Aquateen Hunger Force Movie. OERIDOR Hotel from The Shining 53E4 Therapy from A Clockwork Orange odaky a Brann Ludovico Technique 53E3 1989 film, Robot Jox We can live. We can both live. 53E5 Fahrenheit 451 54E2 53E2 From the Japanese film Battle Royale S3E6 Pixelated witness protection program muppets. 53E2 & 4 In episode 5 of the the 2nd series, Roy wears 7 different t-shirts Music This shirt is worn once by Roy and spotted again in a later episode on Roy's girlfriend. S1E5 MUSIC I LIKE MUSIC YOU LIKE the Imooets 53E1 & 54E3 51E3 This is a fake band, the shirt was created for the show. Misc. Design S2E4 Filthy, 0 Panda 53E5 Roy wears this design in two different colors. It's from a site that sells S2E1 & 52ES all sorts of human heads on different animal bodies. S1E3 53E4 The japanese writing says my pet monster, although the image doesn't relate to the cartoon From the webcomic, Dinosaur Comics Comics A wizard hag turned you into LAUGH THIS OFF. TUINKLETDES 54E5 53E5 From a comic 2000AD Create the next Roy-worthy t-shirt design on fibers Not Pictured Shirts Alien Comic (S3E4) (S1E6) Japanese Ring (S4E2) The Time Traveler's Shirt (S4E3) Metallica Parody Shirt (S4E2) Vintage Camera (S2E5) Esc button .com Created by with help from The IT Crowd,,,,, The BBC. өx AG ME NIHI L.NDO EVEN 7

IT Crowd T-Shirts

shared by forevermelody on Nov 06
Roy is always wearing awesome t-shirts. We watched the show and combed the internet to find all the t-shirts worn by Roy through out the four season of the IT Crowd



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