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The Internet Justice League

100 TB GOOGLE An overpowered hero with a near infinite amount of abilities. Everyone relies on him more than they should while secretly hoping he'll never flip out and use his powers for evil. POWERS Way too many to ever use. NEMESIS Yahoo CollegelHtumor THE FACEBOOK An eccentric young billionaire who runs a company used by basically everyone. He is well liked, but his methods of preserving peace and privacy are somewhat questionable. POWERS A utility belt full of newsfeeds, sidebars, and other pointless gadgets NEMESES 4Chan & Tumblr REDDIT Reddit uses different arrows to enforce his own twisted brand of Internet Justice. In the town of Content City, he decides who lives and who dies. Collegellumor POWERS The ability to run any meme into the ground in under a day. SU NEMESIS StumbleUpon HUFFINGTON POST A strong, independent hero who, despite being knowledgeable and well-respected, isn't really any one's favorite. H. POWERS A Lasso that can hastily grab snippets of news from all over the internet NEMESIS Cheezburger OA AMAZON Powered by the green energy of people with no willpower and lots of money, Amazon is able to conjure up any good or product imaginable. $4 ল POWERS Draining bank accounts, Super saver shipping. John NEMESIS Craigslist GOOGLE CollegelHumor PLUS A hero who, despite being noble and good-intentioned, is generally thought to be worthless and kinda dumb. I'M NOT YOUR NEMESIS, MAN. LEAVE ME ALONE. POWERS Same as The Facebook, just watered down. NEMESIS The Facebook Collegeltumor Collegeltumor

The Internet Justice League

shared by GeeGrl on Dec 16
The web's top sites as superheroes.




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