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Instagram Proves Santa Is Real

INSTAGRAMPROVES SANTA IS REAL AND HE'S A NARCISSISTIC TECHIE! Even though Santa's surveillance program is more sophisticated and far-reaching than the NSA's, people still think he's just a marketing ploy. Frankly, Santa is fed up with all the speculation about whether he exists or not. So, he's decided to take advantage of all the online blabber to prove, once and for all, that he's real. Check him out for yourself as he Instagrams himself in five techie desti- nations. DaRealSanta 00:00 O The North Pole, Santa's tarmac aaronlevie, joshconstine and 189 people like this. santa Hey kids! This isn't just a photo of a fat guy with a beard and a red suit. This is an actual selfie of me in the North Pole.. You can tell because Mrs. Claus is behind me in her fave Victoria's Secret outfit. #SantalsReal #SantalivesInTheNorthPole #Selfie #WebPresence view all 24 comments omg14 She's hot! I wouldn't leave the North Pole if were you. elves Hey kids, check out this blog post for tips on being nice and not naughty, because Santa is always watching. dude88 Is it just me or does Mrs. Claus look like a Kardashian? Well-played, Santa. I hope she's been naughty this year. cmack21 Big deal. Some Santa wannabe knows Photoshop. santa Enough is enough. I'm going to Instagram actual pics of me in all of the hot tech spots to prove it. Liked Comment DaRealSanta O San Francisco, SoMa StrEat Food Park DaRealSanta O New York, Google offices 01:00 02:00 Coogle INLAND robertscoble and 189 people like this. fredwilson and 144 people like this. santa The reindeer decided to drink spiked eggnog santa New York is amazing. I'm here at Google's offices - there's so much free food I might be late delivering presents to the kids. But who cares when there's this much to do! #SantalnNew York #SiliconAlley at Dolores Park, which is an issue, since the SF police have a zero-tolerance policy for drunk rein- deer. I'm taking Lyft to SoMa StrEat Food Park. (I support facial hair whenever I can.) I have a lunch date with Marissa Mayer. 9 #SorrylmNotSor- ryMrsClaus #FoodTruckLunch #SantalnSF view all 26 comments view all 21 comments santa @larrypage, Can't believe that not even frea- kin' Santa gets a free pair of Google Glass #NotCoolGoogle santa @robertscoble, Thanks for the like. Still can't believe you wouldn't let me try your Google Glass. hermioneway Where was my date invite, Santa? jackfrost No one here is afraid of me, they're all too obsessed with #KarlTheFog benmoskowitz Santa check out the latest drone technology. Could save you that painful down-the- chimney shlep jackdorsey Santa, l'll hook you up with a verified account. That way, no one will be following #TheRealSanta and #TheOtherSanta or #ThePissDrunkSanta santa Okay, thanks @jackdorsey. Because #ThePissDrunkSanta is totally not my second account that I use when I'm smashed and need to let off some steam. Liked Comment O Liked . Comment ... ... 03:00 04:00 DaRealSanta O London, Tech City DaRealSanta O Tel Aviv, Rothschild Boulevard srtimbernerslee and 177 people like this. ronenshilo, sivanco and 146 people like this. santa l'm at the 3D printing tech facility in Tech City. They're printing Prince Charles, and the 3D version is actually more alive than the real one. #Santain Tech City #FutureSantaWorkshop #SiliconAbbey santa My first time in Israel, never been able to get through El Al security before! I blend right in with the beards and funny hats, lol! So, is this Israeli tech thing real? #FunnyHattribe #Beards #SantaintheHolyLand view all 36 comments view all 22 comments missing2frontteeth Can it make teef? santa @missing2frontteeth Can it make cookies? mrsclaus I believe they call them biscuits. WDYT #Queen_Uk? queen_uk Did someone say Queenie? Cheerio @mrsclaus! You know what goes well with biscuits? Gin! Cause it's gin o clock! Cheers Cheers! elves Hey Santa, how about some 20 percent time for us little guys? santa @elves, Not gonna happen. #CrazyElves michaeleisenberg come by Aleph and P'll show you around. We have more startups here than elves. santa @michaeleisenberg, Great. I have a plan to turn my outdated workshop into a 3D printing facil- ity. The elves are getting lazy. The North Pole needs some disruption. elves @santa, Disrupt this: hillelfuld @santa hold on I'm coming for a selfie with you. santa @hillelfuld, This time please be dressed when you come. #JustMessingWith YouHillel benlang Check out 'Mapped in Israel' to find all the startups on Rothschild - and be ready to sign an NDA at every single one. Liked • Comment Liked Comment •.. 9. DaRealSanta O Berlin, SoundCloud offices L 05:00 V elizabethvarley, jensbegemann and 192 people like this. santa I know I'm in Berlin because l'm eating startup schnitzel brought to me by #DeliveryHero. Maybe I can outsource some of my extra work to them? #SantainBerlin #EatingSchnitzel #SiliconAllee #Startup view all 22 comments waze @santa Mr. Claus, I just confirmed your location in Berlin thanks to one big honking red nose. (Not yours, Rudolph's, even though you have been hitting the Lowenbrau.) elizabethvarley @santa, Come by tech hub and we can help you set up a mobile workshop with the excellence that German workmanship is known for. ichbinsoheiss100 @santa, Ve vould like it very much if you vould please post more photographs of Mrs. Claus in zie Secret of Victoria. Liked Comment ... From conduit with love Brought to you by @Sivanco, Conduit Ltd.

Instagram Proves Santa Is Real

shared by Sivan on Dec 20
Even though Santa's surveillance program is more sophisticated and far-reaching than the NSA's, people still think he's just a marketing ploy. Instagram proves he's real and a narcissistic techie!




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