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How Quick Does Father Christmas Need To Be?

HOW QUICK DOES FATHER CHRISTMAS NEED TO BE? HE HAS TO 175 MILLION Wich is equivalent to MILES a round trip 132 MILLION HOUSES HE HAS TO VISIT AT LEAST IF EVERYONE LEFT A MINCE PIE AND GLASS OF MILK HE'D HAVE TO DRINK... 33 MILK MILK PRODUCTION OF 3479 COWS EQUIVALENT TO THE DAILY RĒCOMMENDED CALORIE INTAKE OF ALMOST THE ENTIRE ADULT MALE POPULATION OF THE UK IF HE ATE THE LOT HE'D HAVE CONSUMED 48-2 BILLION 19-3 MILLION CALORIES NORMAL MEN IF EVERY HOUSEHOLD ASKS FOR A FURBY... THEN AT 0.68KG PER FURBY, HIS SLEIGH WOULD HAVE TO CARRÝ 898 ASSUMING THE AVERAGE REINDEER CAN CARRY 150KG, HE'D NEED MILLION KG 598,600 REINDEER EQUAL TO 15 GREAT PYRAMIDS OF GIZA TO DO ALL OF THIS ON CHRISTMAS EVE HE HAS TO BE GOING AT ABOT.. 5-6A MILLION MPH HELIOS 2 FELIX BAUMGARTNER SPACE SHUTTLE 830MPH 17320MPH 157078MPH GMA/itoryd-127509page-14CZAW http:/www.lauoppublicmeasung http://undomanniboomatatudahasSssbt002paf http://enwpedaorg/wDemogranty.of the Unted Aradom http://www.aman.comHaabro-A3174-Furby-Tealdp00DKADefpd_amsbs http:/www.taleauphcoktopics/chnistmasesFathor-Chvmas-Chemas-fve-i-foureshtm http:/www.nhuk/chopage/aspelategonid-S1acbcategorid-16s Parcel Door 2 Door Courier Service TOTAL DISTAN OTRAVEL. to the sun

How Quick Does Father Christmas Need To Be?

shared by rssmmthn on Nov 21
A quirky and fascinating look into the surprising statistics surrounding Santa's annual journey around the globe to delivery all of his presents.




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