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How to Be a Stereotypical Indian

HOW TO BE A STEREOTYPICAL INDIAN IN THE KIWILAND Obviously you have to be living in NewZealand. FYI: There are four major different coloured races in the world, other than white. You are supposed to be brown in colour. Variety of brown is legit. You should dig B-O-L-L-Y-W-o-O-D. Especially the oh-so-famous movie Slumdog Millionaire. DIG RED BLACK BROWN BROWN THAT BOLLYWO0D THING EVERY YEAR A PPROX. 20000 INDIA NS COME TO NEW ZEA LA ND TOTAL POPULATION OF NEW ZEA LA ND 4.417,056 YELLOW BROWN BROWN BROWN BRO 5 6 You ought to have enough hair on your body so that you can use a lawn mower to get rid of it. You should love butter chicken and naan bread but not eat beef You ought to have a really high sleaze factor. You should know that your accent can never get you laid. But, don't ever stop trying. just because it's holy. TALLOO P**K OFF HAIROMETER 90% Of Kiwi women think MN MAX BUTTER CHICKEN that you're creepy. HTTER CHEST HAIR & Only 10% disagree. FACIAL HAIR NAAN BREAD IALLOO P**S OF Get your creep on and creep the shit out of them. Never be sca red to be sleazy. It comes naturally to you. Rememberto put that swag on too. Helps you get what you want. UNDERARM HAIR : BE #1 PUBIC HAIR BEEF 10 11 12 You have to be working at a dairy, a supermarket or a petrol/ gas station. You should know how to eat food with hands. Spoons, forks and knives are nof meant for yOu. You can wear sunglasses at any time of the day, be it cloudy or night time, it is legit. You should always dream of aving a white girlfriend. 4FOUR THANK YOU. PLEA SE COME A GAIN FCIRCLES 1234 Always keep your hopes high, you never know you might hit the jackpot. ALM HIGH Beacreep, be out there in the field, keep trying. Don't give up. 4.UR USE HANDS DON'T USE 13 14 15 16 You should come here to go to uni or college but end up being a taxi driver. You should only hang out with other Indians because you are so not white. You better be all about the money and know how to brag about things that you don't own. You don't know how to clean your mess. Always leave your mess behind for others to clean. THIS IS HOW WE ROLL! TAXI STAHD SHEEPORGHIN PARTY НОВО BOSS uPhane TAXI TAXI SCHOOL YESS YOU GOT IT ALL! 17 18 19 20 You should have the bling-bling and the swag to carry it off. You should be on trade me for almost 21 hours a day so that you can buy and hoard stuff. But as you're brown and wear a turban you should know how to deal with a customs officer. FUN FACT: The TURBANATORS do scare the shit out of people. P.S. - They aren't from TALI BAN. GOLD SHADES POPPED COLLARS CHEST HAIR GOLD WATCH CARS SPEAKERS THE GOLD TURBANATOR GOLD CHAIN BRACELET Just to clarify, Indian turbanators smile and keep people happy. Some of them even have MUSTACHIO GOLD LAPTOPS PHONES You can be stopped and questioned whether you are carying any of these things depicted above. Take it in your stride bro. RINGS nicknames like HA PPY. Hello! Namaste! My name is Anant Ahuja / Butter GChicken /Swaggamaster, originally from the land of Kama sutra fif you were just wondering where the sleaze comes from). I'm pursuing my dream of being in the design world by currently studying design at Whangamui School of Design. I love incorporating humour in my work and making people laugh. One fine day when I'm an established designer, I might take a break and start doing stand up comedy. But that 's quite a distant dream. Talking about this poster it's actually an effort to bring out that there 's much more to Indians than just all of this. I agree to the fact that quite a few things in the poster are harsh and grating, and to be very frank, I don 't intend to harm anybody 's sentiments or feeling s or be racist in any manner whatsoever. I did this artwork with a good intention of making people look at the positive aspects about us. I'm a proud Indian and super proud to be reppin' my homies here. In case this poster makes you feel bad, just get in touch with me, send me an email, I'll see when I can get a street fight fixed. Nah just kidding, you awesome people make me feel awesome.

How to Be a Stereotypical Indian

shared by anantahuja on Jan 03
This project is one of my favourites. I love incorporating humour in my work and making people laugh. One fine day when I’m an established designer, I might take a break and start doing stand up co...


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