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How to Avoid Getting Caught Up in PRISM

HOW TO AVOID GETTING CAUGHT UP IN PRISM SECURITY UNITED STATES OF AMERICA * What you imagine to be innocent criticism or a game may be "flagged" by the NSA, and they may start profiling you. If you're paranoid, shy away from the following types of conversation and activities when using Google skype iPhone or Searching for military news, 01 how latest weapons work, or Venting ire on important political 02 leaders such as saying "Obama is a piece of s*** who doesn't know what he's comparing the armies of two countries doing." Want to know how various armies Keep your thoughts on political incompetence to yourself. Or be prepared to face the consequences. This is what happens to big mouths: stand? Buy the printed copy of Jane's Defence Weekly. Interested in how the biggest guns work? Watch Discovery Channel. How does your country's army measure up against China's? Meh. How do you think the secret service found this unfortunate guy? Were they following him on Twitter? No! It was PRISM! Searching for “how to build a Playing a game with your friends 04 that involves simulating and solving war puzzles 03 hydrogen bomb" Are you a budding arms dealer? Want to start small with a bomb-making factory? Or perhaps you're just a chemistry student. Don't watch this video: STATE POLIC 1928847 Want to take the German side in games such as Axis & Allies or Red Orchestra Go to your local bookshop and pick up a copy of: + Home Workshop Explosives (Uncle Fester) + The Do-it-Yourself Gunpowder Cookbook (Don McLean) and blast off your American enemies? If you go Live on Xbox, keep in mind that Microsoft is watching you. Doing something illegal 05 (but not a threat to national Planning a demonstration 06 to take up a community security) like trying to hack issue against public into a competitor's network authority or government organization One for the Black Hats, disgruntled employees and vodka-for-credit-card-number Feel free to block roads and throw objects at your local riot police. But if you fancy yourself as Anonymous, don't overlook operators. You may be doing "penetration testing" for a "security audit" or "case study" but the NSA doesn't like competition. the fact that the NSA is a bigger and richer legion. It don't forgive, it don't forget. And oh it doesn't lulz. Expect it: Simply visiting sites that promote 07 rajdical Islam Revealing your daring and 08 rebellious streak online Heard of religious profiling? Think you're cool? NSA might interpret that as an "unstable" personality. You can't read two pages of a newspaper without failing to notice hostile news about Afghanistan, Al Qaeda, the Middle East, or If you're planning to pull off an awesome (and potentially illegal) stunt, just remember that Google owns YouTube before you go on to upload videos such as terrorism. So if your curiosity is piqued and you want to learn more about Islam, pay a visit to your local mosque. According to the NSA, the internet is for liberals. This tongue-in-cheek infographic is not intended to offend any religion, community, nationality, or organization, least of all the NSA (we are very scared of you). It is just an attempt to entice laughs at the expense of a much-debated public concern. WorkZone Project Management Software IONALS

How to Avoid Getting Caught Up in PRISM

shared by tracy.vides on Sep 03
What you imagine to be irrelevant or totally innocent activity may be flagged by the NSA, and they will start profiling you!




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