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Goodwill's Seven Types of Holiday Sweaters: Which one are you?

SEVEN TYPES OF Haliday sweaters The festive holiday sweater. What used to be the exclusive domain of your great aunt, elementary school teacher or Bill Cosby is now a ubiquitous feature of the holiday season, with an explosion in recent years of the "holiday sweater party." Think big, comfy and covered in varying amounts of gingerbread appliqués, pompoms, tinsel and animals. Put aside the stress of the holidays and find out which of the following seven sweaters is right for you. The Do-it-Yourself Sweater Quirky, imaginative and creative, you'd rather make it yourself than pay retail. Personality: Fabulous and eco-friendly is the name of your game. Why settle for something from a store when you can start with a blank canvas? Hobbies: Stocking up on eclectic supplies to finish your scrapbook, make a necklace or refurbish a used piece of furniture. Inspiration: The upcycle movement. Trinkets and tchotchkes. DIY blogs. Memories of making collages in elementary school. The Holiday Spirit Sweater Whether you're the life of the party, the modern hostess or the favorite teacher, you are always cheerful and optimistic. Personality: 'Tis the season for you to shine. You don't wait for Thanksgiving to come and go before pulling out all the stops: spirited decorations, a fully functioning bakery in your kitchen and, of course, your annual holiday shindig. Hobbies: Stockpiling goodies to make your holiday decorations, party, food and clothing as festive as possible. Inspiration: Family togetherness, peppermint mocha lattes, winter light shows and finding the perfect gift. 3 The Sweater of Many Threads Each year, you honor your own traditions while celebrating those of other cultures through food, rituals and holiday events. Personality: In this increasingly interconnected world, you look for the common threads that unite us, not divide us. The holiday season is for everyone, regardless of how they celebrate. Hobbies: Staying up-to-date on current events, attending embassy parties, learning a new language and trying every cuisine available in your neighborhood. Inspiration: National Geographic, documentaries about international issues, subtitled movies. 4 The Winter Classic Sweater You are dependable and trustworthy, the one friends turn to for advice. Classy and fashionable, you are drawn to traditional, cabin-chic clothing with a modern spin. Personality: Warm and cozy sweaters are great, as long as they can take you from the office to your friend's holiday party without changing – and if you can wear it all winter, even better! You are fashion forward, not fodder for a fashion makeover. Hobbies: Skiing, playing cards, catching up with friends over coffee and reading by the fire. Inspiration: Fair Isle sweaters, family gatherings, tradition. The Bah Humbug Sweater You may be a procrastinator, reluctant to participate or maybe your boss or family member made you attend a holiday party. Either way, you have better things to do than worrying about finding the perfect outfit. Personality: What's all the holiday fuss about, anyway? You plan to stay long enough at the holiday party to make an appearance. Hobbies: Anything but holiday-related events. You'd rather be at home or out with friends than be forced to eat one more piece of fruitcake or drink one more glass of eggnog. Inspiration: A last-minute Google search. 6. The Animal Sweater Caring, quirky and accommodating, you're a staff favorite at your local animal shelter and might as well own stock in lint rollers. Just to be sure your pet isn't getting into trouble, you've set up a live stream to check in on them while you're out toasting the holidays. Personality: Who needs a cozy fire when you can cuddle with your pet to keep warm? This season, your shopping list includes multiple items for the important animals in your life – after all, sweaters make great pet gifts, too! Hobbies: Spending the afternoon at the dog park, volunteering at the animal shelter, inundating your social media followers with cute photos of your pet. Inspiration: Animal Planet, adorable cat videos, your pet's latest crazy antics. The Geek Chic Sweater You are plugged in to tech trends and always have the latest version of the newest piece of gadgetry. Personality: Everything can be made better if it lights up, plugs in or otherwise requires some sort of power source. And, of course, the party doesn't start until you show up with your DJ equipment. Hobbies: Taking HTML courses, building your own computer and getting your daily consumption of tech blogs. Inspiration: Wired Magazine, Silicon Valley start-ups, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Regardless of what type of sweater suits your style, you can get it at your local Goodwill® ( and on®. At the end of the season, donate your gently used sweater back to Goodwill so you can help the festive sweater spirit live on. Last year, Goodwill provided career and community services to more than 4.2 million people. Revenues from the purchase of your sweater ring in 2013 with a strong employment footing. help people are unemployed For more holiday sweater looks, visit goodwill © 2012 Goodwill Industries International

Goodwill's Seven Types of Holiday Sweaters: Which one are you?

shared by GoodwillIntl on Dec 18
The festive holiday sweater. What used to be the exclusive domain of your great aunt, elementary school teacher or Bill Cosby is now a ubiquitous feature of the holiday season, with an explosion in re...


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